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Channel Focus Community Advisory Council
Channel Focus Community Advisory Council

Channel Focus Community Advisory Council

  • Mission
    Our distinguished Advisory Council provides a unique experience to help guide our community strategies, provide feedback of community activities, and offer direction for the future of the Channel Focus Community.

    · To bring specific industry experience and expertise to the board/community
    · To provide balance and objectivity to the community
    · To have community welfare and long term success in mind
    · To be knowledgeable about the community’s mission and support the growth of the community
    · To educate and inform others of the mission of the community and network on behalf of it
    · To provide the community with independent advice and counsel
    · To serve formally through monthly meetings and informally through communications and meetings as key issues evolve.

    · Commit to monthly Advisory Council phone meetings and review agenda prior to meetings. 
    · Be available for between-meeting communications.
    · Maintain confidentiality – Follow conflict of interest and confidentiality policies.
    · Prepare for advisory council meetings, ask questions, take responsibility and follow through on any projects.
    · Identify partner struggles, recognize key trends within the channel, and report findings to the council and Community Manager.
    · Make suggestions regarding community content (i.e.: blogs, whitepapers, webinars, infographics, surveys, etc.).  
    · Advise Community Manager on potential topics/content that are relevant and timely.
    · Openly communicate with Community Manager, other council members, and community members.


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