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    Partner Marketing Manager at Accellion: 1-2018 to Present
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    High performance sales and marketing leader who's profoundly regarded for remarkable performance, outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, and leadership expertise with success in spearheading product launch initiatives in highly competitive consumer technology markets. Energetic and well organized with extensive experience working with senior executives to provide high-level support. Proven competencies in improving organizational productivity through the development and implementation of strategies that foster operating synergies and facilitate lasting and positive change. Recognized for the ability to lead the professional development of diverse individuals and support a team-oriented approach predicated on meritocratic principles.

    Specialty skills include:

    ♦Advanced Analytics ♦ Client/Vendor Relationships ♦ Contract Development/Negotiation ♦ Project and Product Management ♦ Social Media Marketing ♦App Development ♦ Trade Show Management♦ Productivity and Performance Gains♦ Team Building & Leadership♦ Training and Development♦ Marketing Program Development ♦ Performance Management & Enhancement♦ Start-up Operations ♦ Forecasting♦ Account Management ♦Experiential Marketing♦ Consumer Electronic Product Launch♦ Branding ♦B2B Marketing♦B2C Marketing♦ Six Sigma Processes ♦ Lead Generation ♦Influencer Marketing ♦ Integrated Marketing ♦ Content Marketing ♦ PR♦ Go-to-Market Strategy♦