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Partner profiling – one of the many things channel organizations want to unlock in order to reach full potential. One of the easiest ways to drive revenue in the channel space is to zero-in on which partners are productive and which are not.

Here’s the tough part – transforming them from unproductive to productive.

If your channel has hundreds or thousands of partners, it’s understandable if the majority of your channel sales come from a select few.

But, why not engage with more?

There may be many reasons why a partner is unproductive – but that doesn’t mean they don’t hold the potential to be productive in the future.

Lack of engagement with your partners is extremely harmful and may even be part of the reason why a partner is slacking. Vendors don’t necessarily have the right resources to engage with all of the partners in a territory equally – turning the much-needed attention in the opposite direction.

This causes vendors to switch gears toward only the best-performing partners – leaving the rest to fall by the wayside. Those un-engaged partners could be revenue!

Another main reason why a partner may be unproductive is partner maturity. New and unfamiliar products can be scary – in any situation, but for the channel, it’s a huge risk in the eyes of a channel sales team.

You won’t boost channel sales if you continue focusing on the partners you’re comfortable with or who are selling the most. Yes, they are significant players, but you’re losing out on many other opportunities and discussions.

Customer access is usually not a the problem here. Lack of knowledge and willingness to reach out and expand your territory can interrupt overall channel sales success.

Identifying, onboarding and retaining not only partners, but the RIGHT ones is a challenge for any channel organization.

Vendors could create partner profiles made up of different elements that are seen as beneficial. Without knowing what will make an ideal partner, it becomes a whole lot more difficult to point out who is productive and who is unproductive.

Before investing time and money into more partner enablement, make sure you have first identified the best attributes. This is critical because as you move along in this process, you’ll be able to see which partners are are growing, which partners will grow and which partners are not growing.

This is where you can implement and use the partner profiles.

Contrast and compare current and potential partners to the profiles in order to figure out where they fit. More importantly, where they may be falling short.

This opens up a window of opportunity to build a stronger, more productive, more profitable and more beneficial channel for the future.

OPTYX by ChannelEyes brings together the most important information about your indirect partner sales channel, and then uses data science to produce partner insights and visibility you can act on. The first of its kind, workflow tool for channel managers, OPTYX makes it possible to engage with channel partners in more productive and meaningful ways.

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