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Do You Have The Data You Need to Measure Channel Partner Performance?

There is a saying that "if you can't measure it, you can't manage it." If you are a manufacture who sells through various channels, then you understand the importnace of measuring your partners' performance. In fact, your ability to grow your channel, as well as achieving a positive ROI on channel marketing programs, highly depends on this performance. Reviewing your partners’ performance can, and will, provoke key questions about how your resources are being allocated and if you have the right data to make this assessment.

So, how should manufacturers measure their partner performance to drive not just numbers, but also behavior? A recent blog post by Chris Kenton, Founder of Social Rep, addresses some of the key questions that you should be asking about your partner program. These questions are:

  • Which partners are actively executing programs?
  • What topics are driving customer interest?  
  • Which partners are leading customer engagement?
  • Which media channels are delivering results?

This information is crucial to identify which channel partner is performing best, and why. These questions eliminate the size of a partner and focus on results. This is why Channelinsight’s cCRM is so powerful. Insights into every nuance of your partners can provide data that, when leveraged, can optimize the effectiveness of your channel program.

With information about channel partners’ success and shortcomings, you can begin to understand what drives success. This insight can be leveraged in your direction, training, and guidance. Regardless of your industry or channel partners, successful partner evaluation is not just about the numbers – it is also about driving the right behaviors that will help you grow your channel.

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