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A Revelation that Leads to a Revolution

Newport Beach, CA - This morning on the way to the office I was listening to Bill Handel’s broadcast on KFI640 AM.  This morning he did another one of his Success from Scratch segments that feature somebody that created success from nearly nothing.  They are always good stories.  This morning’s story was an exception beyond compare.  I don’t normally share stories that I find touching and inspiring as I feel like they are just “feel good”...
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HOW TO PREVENT TODAY’S UNSTOPPABLE WAVE OF CHANGE FROM OVERWHELMING IT DEFENCES Ian Kilpatrick, chairman of Wick Hill Group, looks at the question of visibility in today’s extended network infrastructures and suggests relevant solutions.   Stand F50 The challenges to data security continue to proliferate, with increases in the intensity and in the nature of threats, as well as dramatic changes to the data risk environment.  Each one of the following creates business opportunities, but brings...
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Encryption computing security

ENCRYPTION   By James Taylor, product development manager, Wick Hill Group, specialists in secure IP infrastructure solutions.   Encryption ensures that when data is at rest, it cannot be compromised, and that when data is in motion, it cannot be deciphered. And, critically, in today’s world of multiple mobile devices and BYOD, encryption prevents unauthorised access to any lost or stolen device.   Before we rush off and encrypt everything, we first have to understand and...
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