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Social media through the eyes of channel partners

There is no denying that your channel partners see social media as extremely valuable for increasing their overall online presence. The questions we need to ask ourselves are multiple; Are your channel partners really equipped to manage it effectively? And are you, the vendor, providing enough social media support?We interviewed a number of channel partners, namely Benjamin de Vries and Terry Knight from Professional Document Solutions, Toni Gibiino, Marketing Director at Office Solutions Ltd and...
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Have HTML newsletters lost their mojo?

With continuously dropping open and click rates, it’s easy to think that emails and newsletters are not a valid comms vehicle anymore. Here’s a few stats to prove that email marketing is in fact here to stay, and it’s you, the brand, that need to adapt your approach to keep in the game. Did you know? ·         33% of opens are from an iPhone, with Gmail being the second most popular at 15% (Source: Litmus) ·        ...
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Your employees’ voice really matters on social

With Nielsen reporting that 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family, there is no denying that word of mouth can be one of the most trusted and effective marketing methods for swaying buying decisions. Many businesses have tried to take advantage of this new found knowledge by deploying employee advocacy. This is the act of sharing brand content through employees’ social networks for all their connections to see. In March 2016, LinkedIn uncovered some rather astonishing results...
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  In today's World nearly half of the global population is online! As of 2015, 3.2 billion people were online with the global population standing at 7.2 billion (Source: International Telecommunication Union). With this comes additional reflections that around 1/5th have an active Facebook account (1.39 billion), Twitter runs at around 305 million penetration and Linked in has 414 million users, with Instagram just behind at 400 million in the same timeframe. Millennials and the Z...
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