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The Top 6 Things Channel Data Can Tell You: Part I

"Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink." That's the lament of the ancient mariner from Coleridge's poem, and it could just as well apply to the challenge of what to do with "big data" from the channel. Data, data everywhere, but what is there to learn? In fact, channel data can yield a lot of information and insight on which to make better business decisions. A recent report by Forrester Research[i] cataloged a number of...
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As the cloud becomes more pervasive in today’s IT environment, new business models are forming – which of course bring on new acronyms!  My latest, “SPaaC”, describes how Service Providers are becoming more ‘front and center’ in the Solution Provider community.  In fact, several of the largest Solutions Provider Partners in the channel like Presidio, Dimension Data and Logicalis are creating special practices to embrace the Service Provider model. This is indicative of the changing landscape...
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patricia rush
Great article Craig.
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 5:05 PM
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The 6 roles of a Channel Chief

  In our industry, there are few roles as opaque as the channel chief role.  It’s fairly simple to define what the role of the VP of Sales is, or the role of the chief marketing officer or chief financial officer.  But what is the role of the channel chief, and what makes the difference between a good one and a great one?  What makes one an integral part of the company leadership team and...
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the secret to channel success: quit Excel

channel programs need incentive platforms — not just spreadsheets parago recently released my new channel whitepaper: “The Secret To Channel Success: Quit Excel.” Excel spreadsheets are fine for managing very small programs or data sets. It’s when they grow larger that spreadsheets can begin to create more work than they’re doing. The following pain points are indications that it could be time to leave the spreadsheets behind and migrate to a channel platform: your manual processes...
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Removing the Blindfold: Accelerating Growth Through Data-Driven Channel Management

"Data is the Achilles’ heel of the channel," says Tiffani Bova, vice president, distinguished analyst–research at Gartner. Bova is right. Despite years of investment in IT systems and processes, many high-tech vendors still struggle with data gaps and quality issues that obscure the visibility of channel performance and growth opportunities. While numerous high-tech companies are making great strides mining customer data, they fail to tap into the wealth of information they receive from channel partners. As...
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MDF for the Next Century

Use of promotional allowance programs (the overarching term for Co-op, JMF and MDF programs) are now nearing 100 years old. They were invented by Warner Brothers (the undergarment people, not the Hollywood version) as a way to get around the fair trade act by offering a disguised discount to high volume retailers like Sears & Roebuck (fact). 100 years later, many promotional allowance programs work the same way: guidelines are written, partners (or retailers) complete a...
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