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How does Your Partner Program Stack up Against the Competition?

In this highly competitive world, technology manufacturers are looking to their channel partners to gain a market advantage. To do this, they are using channel data, or smart data, as leverage.  Global Partner Program To learn more about how manufactures use channel data to manage their partner programs, we asked 85 technology manufacturers about their experiences. The survey, jointly sponsored with Baptie & Company, was taken in September 2013, and the results are now documented in...
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Meaningful conversations in the Cloud

As a ‘Cloud’ customer I’ve been analysing what we want from our Channel Partners. It used to be simple, we had offices in Denver and London, we had a number of staff most of whom travelled. We had servers in the UK and Denver office. Our conversation with our partners was simple – we have information we need to access, we have x number of devices we need to connect and we have to make sure...
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