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Kiss The Old Ways Goodbye - Be Prepared To Change & Change Again

The need for change and acceptance of the fact that your status quo for business may be no Longer has never been truer.  I have been speaking on the effect of the cloud (internet based service and supply) for the past 12 years and in the past two have provided much comment on the visible effects we had and are seeing.  In recent years, unfortunately this has become a very visible truth to all concerned. We...
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Marketing TO and FOR the partner

This is one of the basic concepts in Channel Marketing. While our ultimate goal is to see our products sell through the channel, it is also a very important piece to build a robust channel itself, or as I like to call it, a “Channel Community”.   This is why Channel Marketing focuses in two distinct areas: - Marketing THROUGH the Channel In order to maximize the benefit we can get from leveraging a channel partner...
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Why Channel Data & Master Data Management Don't Always Get Along & What To Do About It

Channel managers are often included in corporate Master Data Management (MDM) projects. The hope is that an overall MDM strategy will help tame channel data so that it plays nicely with other important company information. As a result, Channel managers often ask me two questions: How will an MDM strategy help - or hurt – me? And how can I effectively contribute to the strategy? First, lets take a step back and define what we are...
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Keep Your Finger on the Channel Focus Pulse

Speeding through the year like a bullet train, if I blink I might miss Easter! So much has happened in this short space of time – so a quick recap We had 2 fantastic webinars so far Show Me The Money! How Good Channel Data Improves Incentive Payments & The 5 Pillars of Systematic Partner Recruitment Campaigns. Looking at the community’s response we have quite a few people out there that are looking for best practices in IT channel...
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