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Kiss The Old Ways Goodbye - Be Prepared To Change & Change Again

The need for change and acceptance of the fact that your status quo for business may be no Longer has never been truer.  I have been speaking on the effect of the cloud (internet based service and supply) for the past 12 years and in the past two have provided much comment on the visible effects we had and are seeing.  In recent years, unfortunately this has become a very visible truth to all concerned. We...
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Partner Marketing: It's Not About You!

Partner Marketing: It's Not About You!
‘How many times are my campaigns downloaded?’ ‘How often is my training webinar viewed?’ ‘What’s the ROI on my marketing tools?’ These are metrics partner marketers typically tell me they track to measure the success of their programs with route-to-market partners such as alliances, system integrators, distributors and resellers. But these are not the most important questions to be asking. As long as we partner marketers focus on our metrics, our tool utilization, our ROI, we’re...
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Olivier Choron
Great piece Kristina. You are spot on and I am glad you guys at Brocade are doing this; we see too many campaigns going to waste.... Read More
Wednesday, 02 March 2016 10:10 AM
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Do You Have The Data You Need to Measure Channel Partner Performance?

There is a saying that "if you can't measure it, you can't manage it." If you are a manufacture who sells through various channels, then you understand the importnace of measuring your partners' performance. In fact, your ability to grow your channel, as well as achieving a positive ROI on channel marketing programs, highly depends on this performance. Reviewing your partners’ performance can, and will, provoke key questions about how your resources are being allocated and if...
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Sam Layle
Successful partner evaluation is not just about the numbers – it is also about driving the right behaviors that will help you grow... Read More
Tuesday, 17 March 2015 9:09 PM
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10 Interesting Facts About Big Data

Everywhere you turn, you hear the term “Big Data”. What does Big Data mean to you and how will it impact you and your business in the near future? Having access to high-quality channel data in real time can help you make smarter business decisions and allow you to be more agile than your competitors. Why? Because hidden inside the massive amounts of structured and unstructured channel data that is collected on a daily basis are key organizational,...
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Its all about timing!

Channel Focus is very excited to host a webinar with ICLP about ‘Building value with partners by offering a competitive difference. Lessons learned from a Technology leader.' For the first time this year we have decided to run a webinar at two different times – we want to reach out to all our community members and give them the opportunity to attend out live webinars: These webinars have already taken place - view recording here! Choose your...
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Collaborate in your Channel Focus Community

This is the time when we really want to get the community engaged - tell us what you think? We want to have the latest information and research made available to you on the community so we need your help - get involved in key research - Your Partners are Changing to Compete in the Cloud. Is Your Channel Sales Team? Share your input here What's your opinion? Who Are the Key New Market Influencers?   We appreciate you sharing and...
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Get in the driver's seat and steer your way to success in 2013!

This month we have a variety of channel  gems to share with you, for instant gratification, we have the latest ebooks, presentations, whitepapers and don’t forget those handy on-demand webinars we have available for you.  Get them here – see a couple of the latest grab and go information below.  How Do We Train Our Partners to Move from Being Plumbers to Selling Real Business Outcomes to their Customers? PDF SLIDES   e-BOOK: Part 2 - Through-Partner Marketing   If you...
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The Channel Focus Community

Welcome to the 1st blog of the channel focus community  - as I am a novice at writing blogs all I can say is hang on; this might be a bumpy ride. So lets jump straight in - with over 5000 community members we want to highlight whats going on in the community and make it easy for you to get the information you want! 1. There are  2 great channel events coming up - the one is Channel Focus UK...
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