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2017 Advisory Board

How a Channel Focus Event is born!

Channel Focus North America has been the most important Channel event for the last 20 years. The event takes place May 2-4, but the conception and molding of the agenda takes place months before.

At Baptie & Co. we understand that an event should be about what the audience wants – we were privileged enough to have over 20 of the thought leaders in the industry in a room for a day to share their ideas and suggestions on the structure of the agenda. Here's who helped build this year's fantastic agenda:

North American Advisory Board




Chris Hilderbrand 100

Chris Hilderbrand

VP Channels


Sandra Cheek

VP Channels

Brad Rolfe 100

Brad Rolfe


Channel Maven
Neal Callahan 100

Neal Callahan

VP NA Channels


Chris Rimer

VP Channels

Dave Taylor 100

Dave Taylor


Rick Butgereit 100

Rick Butgereit

VP NA Channels

Ken McCray 100

Kenneth Mccray

VP NA Channels 

Charles Purvis VP Maritz
Rob McCarthy 100 Rob Mccarthy VP Channels Megapath
Todd Palmer 100 Todd Palmer VP Channels Palo Alto
Claudio Ayub VP Perks
D Robert Martin 100 D. Robert Martin VP NA Channels RedHat
Todd Rathje 100 Todd Rathje VP Revenew
preview Sherrick Murdoff VP Partner Investments
Richard Flynn Principal The Spur Group
Steve Greene 100 Steve Greene VP Channels Wacom
Ken Romley CEO Zift
Steve Hale VP Channels Zilliant