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The Channel Focus you love at a beautiful venue

Let’s face it after all the lockdowns many of us are ready to meet colleagues in a real environment. We felt that this year we not only want a fabulous event, but we deserve a special environment. So, on November 2/3/4 2021 we’ll be celebrating the 24th edition of Channel Focus North America at a special venue - the Laguna Cliffs Resort and Spa in beautiful Dana Point California!

For 24 years Channel Focus has been the World’s leading event for people involved in building and developing Channels for the leading companies in the IT/Telecom industries.

The Event has led the way in helping attendees understand new Channel trends, develop state-of-the-art Channel programs, and develop industry-leading Channel Sales and Marketing strategies.

DATE: November 2/3/4, 2021

Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort & Spa
25135 Park Lantern, Dana Point, California 92629 USA
+1 949-661-5000

The 24th year of Channel Focus will be a fabulous celebration of everything the conference has come to stand for. The most important issues, the industry’s leading thinkers, and the most senior group of Channel executives that will gather in 2021. In short, Channel Focus North America is the conference that defines the strategies and tactics the industry’s leading vendors are using to grow and develop their Channel business.

And after the lockdowns we deserve something special so we’ll be celebrating with special events, the very best speakers, and paying tribute to over 3,000 Channel Focus Alumni who represent every major company in the industry, some of whom have attended more than 15 times!

The World has changed

The way we work, the way customers buy, the way our channels are selling today, and the Channels our customers buy from have changed. And at Channel Focus the leading Channel experts in our industry will share the strategies and tactics they are using to maximize their Channel sales in today’s very different environment.

An even better Women’s Leadership Council

Family is so important and during the lockdown, many of our female colleagues have faced additional stresses and challenges. On Tuesday, November 2nd, we will hold a full-day Women’s Leadership Council event dedicated to the work/life issues faced by women running Channel programs in the major vendors in the IT and Telecom industries. Once again, the industry’s leading women will share their thoughts, experiences, and offer their advice in what has become one of the industry’s most special environments.

Find the answers to your most important issues in our workshops

As we said things have changed and Channel Focus is about more than just listening! In our workshops, you can contribute to the new Channel debate, find answers to your key issues, and understand how others are tackling the new Channel issues and opportunities we are faced with today.

Meet our fellow Delegates, Speakers, and Moderators at our Evening Event

If you attend our conference, you will be invited to join us for our Evening Event. Virtually everyone attends - It's a great way to meet your fellow Delegates, Speakers, and Moderators, wind down from the day whilst enjoying great company, good food, maybe a few drinks, and some great entertainment all with a beautiful view of the ocean!

Breakthrough thinking and practical ideas

Channel Focus is the most important conference of its kind because it provides a combination of breakthrough channel thinking with practical presentations on real programs from people who are making them work - today.

Who should attend?

If you are involved in any aspect of Channel Strategy, Channel Marketing and Sales, Channel Development, or Channel Marketing Communications - You should be there!

Conference attendees come from all over the Technology and Telecom industries - from Fortune 100 companies to today’s leading technology innovators. Some are experts who attend to stay current on the latest trends and directions. Others are marketing and salespeople interested in learning from the experts. These attendees, plus the speakers and workshop leaders, make for a powerful interactive experience!

What will you learn?

Industry Updates

You'll get the latest information on buyer behaviors, what products are flowing through which channels, emerging and declining channels, where they're headed for the future, and what that means to you.

Strategic Channel Presentations

Speakers will present on key issues like the impact of the pandemic, Cloud, IoT, Blockchain, and the rapidly growing Specialized Channels on your Channel strategy. You’ll learn about new routes to market, multi-channel strategies, and how you can adapt your activities to capitalize on these opportunities.

Best Practice Presentations

These are very specific presentations on real-world Channel strategies that have actually worked, presented by the people who have actually made them work. You'll take away dozens of ideas that you can immediately apply to your own situation.

Tactical Presentations

These presentations focus on how to do and how to improve fundamental sales, marketing, and operational activities like MDF and co-op, partner training, lead handling, and more. You'll come away with checklists of do's and don'ts to implement or enhance these programs.

Conference Speakers

Quite simply Channel Focus North America has an unparalleled reputation for bringing together the industry’s leading thinkers. All our speakers share their ideas and experiences in a unique trusted environment. They are chosen for both their subject matter expertise as well as their ability to deliver that expertise in an engaging and powerful way.

Networking opportunities

During the workshops, at breakfasts, lunches, and special evening events, you'll have an unrivaled opportunity to meet with the speakers and attendees.

You'll make great contacts, meet key sources of help, and establish relationships that will help you do your job long after this year's conference is over. A great networking opportunity!

What makes Channel Focus unique?

Quite simply, there are no other Channel Sales and Marketing conferences in the world quite like Baptie & Company's Channel Focus series. Channel Focus North America is a content-driven event where past attendees and experts have generously contributed their time to help us develop the agenda and topics. This always ensures content is right on point for what's happening now and will be happening in the next years.

The conference has a tremendous amount of peer sharing of honest and practical ideas. That's because it is a closed forum: there is no press in attendance. It is fundamentally a group of highly seasoned industry sales and marketing executives getting together to learn and help each other. That's why attendees take away real solutions that they can apply immediately.

When you attend Channel Focus North America, you start becoming part of a real Community - establishing contacts and resources that will help you in years to come. It's another big reason we have such high repeat delegate attendance.

The conference features an unparalleled combination of informative presentations and interactive workshops that will enable you to come back and start making meaningful enhancements to your own strategies and programs. Don't miss it!

Laguna Cliffs in Dana Point