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The workshops, which are small roundtable discussions, are designed to enable you to bring your questions and get real answers to the issues that matter to you. The workshops at Channel Focus provide an unrivaled opportunity to share practical ideas and suggestions with 15-20 of your peers and take away answers to your specific questions.

Workshop times (in Pacific time zome):

Wednesday, April 6: 1:00-1:45 PM

Thursday, April 7: 1:00-2:00 PM


Your choice of 8 workshops:

The Discussion Workshops - A Real Opportunity to Debate These Issues

1. How do you build an effective MSP strategy?

2. How do you enable your partners to be better marketers?

3. The Channel chief of the future, which new skill-sets will be required?

4. Could you, should you and if so how, do you embed your partners, into your marketplace strategy?


The Five Golden Rules Workshops - The 5 Things That Will Make You More Effective at

5. Increasing engagement with your partner portal

6. Understanding who are your influencers and how you influence them

7. Developing an effective engagement strategy for your SaaS products

8. Building an effective GSI strategy?