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The Discussion Workshops - A Real Opportunity to Debate These Issues

  1. The market has changed – how do we change our programs to keep them relevant
  2. Could Master Agents be a key component of your future channel strategy?
  3. AWS and Azure friend, foe or frenemy?
  4. The evolving role of today’s Channel leader – what new skill-sets will be required?
  5. What is an influencer and how do you build a program to target them?
  6. Understanding the partners you need and building a carefully targeted recruitment campaign to attract them.

The Five Golden Rules Workshops - The 5 Things That Will Make You More Effective at

  1. Building a Recruitment and enablement strategy for today’s MSPs.
  2. Building an effective Digital Sales and Marketing enablement program.
  3. Building a program to leverage the power of today’s marketplaces.
  4. Building a co-selling strategy between your indirect and direct sales teams?
  5. Segmenting partners and personalizing their experience
  6. Building a program to increase customer consumption.