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    President & Founder
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    "Kenzi, Cloud City Development President, does whatever is necessary to ensure you receive a complete, useful, and beautiful final product. She won’t blindly follow dogma and instead offers a vision that balances the efficiencies of agile without losing the focus on product and design.
    Kenzi has built web apps for over 15 years, using almost every technology possible but got hooked on Rails since before it hit 1.0 over 10 years ago. She has steered many successful worldwide site launches serving hundreds of millions of users, and built teams for startups and enterprise alike. She’s very involved in the Ruby community, speaking at conferences and has published and maintained various gems as well as one of the Rails core plugins.
    She is passionate about education, wellness, and equality. She enjoys championing the underdog and amplifies diverse voices that might otherwise go unheard."