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What movies can teach you about channel incentives

Sit back, grab a handful of buttery popcorn and please silence your cell phones. The featured film is about to begin. Now showing “When Good Incentives Go Bad”, a feature film illuminating three key pitfalls of channel incentives that you can learn from Titanic II,Burn Notice, and Godzilla. But first, context on the film. The point of a channel incentive is to push partners toward a behavior they wouldn’t otherwise engage in. Incentives can be wildly successful in...
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The 6 roles of a Channel Chief

  In our industry, there are few roles as opaque as the channel chief role.  It’s fairly simple to define what the role of the VP of Sales is, or the role of the chief marketing officer or chief financial officer.  But what is the role of the channel chief, and what makes the difference between a good one and a great one?  What makes one an integral part of the company leadership team and...
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