Channel Focus Virtual 2020

Join us: November 18-20, 2020

The Agenda

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A photo of Gretchen O’Hara
Gretchen O’Hara

Vice President, US AI & Sustainability Strategy

A photo of Rod Baptie
Rod Baptie

Baptie & Company

A photo of Courtney Acuff
Courtney Acuff

VP Solution Lead

A photo of Claudio Ayu
Claudio Ayu


A photo of Sergio Bea
Sergio Bea

VP Global Channels

A photo of Darren Bibby
Darren Bibby

VP Partner Strategy and Programs

A photo of Larissa Crandall
Larissa Crandall

VP of Worldwide Channel & Alliances

A photo of Guy Cunningham
Guy Cunningham

SVP Channel Sales & Alliances

A photo of Kathleen Curry
Kathleen Curry

SVP Global Enterprise Channels

A photo of Kerry Desberg
Kerry Desberg

Chief Marketing Officer

A photo of Richard Flynn
Richard Flynn

Founder & Senior Principal
The Spur Group

A photo of Kenneth Fox
Kenneth Fox

Channel Mechanic

A photo of Donna Grothjan
Donna Grothjan

VP WW Channels
Aruba / HPE

A photo of James Hodgkinson
James Hodgkinson

Channel Marketplace

A photo of Harbinder Khera
Harbinder Khera


A photo of Taylor Macdonald
Taylor Macdonald

SVP, Global Channels
Sage Intacct

A photo of Jeff McCullough
Jeff McCullough

Global VP, Channel Sales
ParkPlace Technologies

A photo of Mike Moore
Mike Moore

VP Channel Strategy

A photo of John Muscarella
John Muscarella

Channel Chief
Cox Busines

A photo of Scott Musson
Scott Musson

VP Global Strategic Partners & Channel

A photo of Dan Overgaag
Dan Overgaag

Managing Partner
The Spur Group

A photo of Frank Rauch
Frank Rauch

VP Channels

A photo of Craig Schlagbaum
Craig Schlagbaum

SVP Indirect Channels
Comcast Business

A photo of Karl Soderlund
Karl Soderlund

SVP, WW Channel Sales
Palo Alto Networks

A photo of Rob Spee
Rob Spee

VP Channel Sales

A photo of Balaji Subramanian
Balaji Subramanian

SVP of Channels – Channel Chief

A photo of Meaghan Sullivan
Meaghan Sullivan

Head of Global Partner Marketing & SME

A photo of Heather Tenuto
Heather Tenuto

Zift Solutions

A photo of Mary-Beth Walker
Mary-Beth Walker

Head of Global Channel Strategy

A photo of Kristen Cole
Kristen Cole

Executive Director

A photo of Cheryl Cook
Cheryl Cook

Senior VP Global Partner Marketing
Dell Technologies

A photo of Marc Monday
Marc Monday

Managing Director

A photo of Craig Patterson
Craig Patterson

Division VP Indirect Channel West

A photo of Rob Rae
Rob Rae

Datto, Inc.

A photo of Mark Emanuelson
Mark Emanuelson

VP Solution Sales

A photo of Usama Houlila
Usama Houlila

Founder & Principal

A photo of Daniel Ghazi
Daniel Ghazi

DAG Tech

A photo of Chris Scanlan
Chris Scanlan

Americas Check Point

A photo of Peter Alexander
Peter Alexander

Check Point

A photo of Jay Jadeja
Jay Jadeja

Partner Network Programs, Operations, Enablement, Marketin and Comms

The workshops

Refer to conference agenda for details of when each workshop is scheduled to take place.

The Discussion Workshops – A Real Opportunity to Debate These Issues

  1. The market has changed – how do we change our programs to keep them relevant
  2. Could Master Agents be a key component of your future channel strategy?
  3. AWS and Azure friend, foe or frenemy?
  4. The evolving role of today’s Channel leader – what new skill-sets will be required?
  5. What is an influencer and how do you build a program to target them?
  6. Understanding the partners you need and building a carefully targeted recruitment campaign to attract them.


The Five Golden Rules Workshops – The 5 Things That Will Make You More Effective at

  1. Building a Recruitment and enablement strategy for today’s MSPs.
  2. Building an effective Digital Sales and Marketing enablement program.
  3. Building a program to leverage the power of today’s marketplaces.
  4. Building a co-selling strategy between your indirect and direct sales teams?
  5. Segmenting partners and personalizing their experience
  6. Building a program to increase customer consumption.
Why should I attend?
  1. To create an environment which both tackles and provides answers to, the most important Channel issues of the day.
  2. To work with over 30 of the industries Channel leaders, to develop an agenda, that covers the most important issues that affect Channel professionals today.
  3. To recruit speakers and panelists who are experts on these issues and to work with those speakers to develop informative and actionable presentations.
  4. To provide interactive workshop environments, led by industry leaders, where delegates can find real answers to the issues that matter the most to them.
  5. To look after and treat every event attendee as though they were guests in our own homes
  6. To create an event that is exceptionally well run and managed.
  7. To create a trusted environment under Chatham House Rules where both speakers and delegates can freely share their knowledge and opinions.
  8. To create a virtual ambience that encourages and enables our guests to meet and network with one another.
  9. To create a forum where groups like the women’s leadership council can discuss key issues affecting the industry.
  10. To constantly listen to our guests so we can continually strive to improve the Channel Focus event.
  1. It is the World’s number 1 Channel conference – Delivering a combination of the latest channel thinking and practical sessions where you can take away actual programs that are driving channel success today.
  2. The event will save you money – Learn from others how they have done it, the mistakes they have made and what really works – these answers are invaluable and will save you many times the amount you will spend on attending the event.
  3. Learn from the experts – The quality of speakers and workshop leaders at Channel Focus is recognized as being the best of any Channel Sales and marketing conference. The conference features over 30 of the leading Channel figures from within our industry, sharing the very latest strategic thinking on the channel, best practices and practical advice and actual programs you can take back and start using tomorrow. And, unlike many other conferences, most of the speakers stay to actively participate in all the conference activities – including workshops.
  4. Customizable Agenda – A learning experience tailored to your needs. At Channel Focus we have 2 keynotes, 2 tracks, 12 workshops, 20 sessions, and unlimited opportunities to virtually meet other channel executives. You choose what you attend, so your experience and learning are unique to your own needs.
  5. Practical how-to presentations – These real-world presentations focus on how to do and how to improve fundamental channel sales, marketing, and operational activities. At the conference, speakers will share actual programs they are using to increase channel revenue and profitability. You will come away with checklists of do’s and don’ts you can use to build or enhance your own programs.
  6. Get answers to your questions in our workshops – Our workshops, which are small group discussions, are designed to enable you to bring your questions and get real answers to the issues that matter to you. The workshops at Channel Focus provide an unrivalled opportunity to share practical ideas and suggestions with 15-20 of your peers and take away answers to your specific questions. All this in a group format where you can interact live and on-camera with your fellow attendees and Group leaders.
  7. Great contacts and key sources of help – During the workshops, at lunches and network breaks you’ll have an unrivaled opportunity to meet with the other attendees on camera and one-on-one! You’ll make great contacts, meet key sources of help, and establish relationships that will help you do your job long after this year’s conference is over.
  8. Channel Focus is an amazingly real world – With a tremendous amount of peer sharing of honest and practical ideas. In part, that’s because it is a closed forum: there is no press in attendance. It is fundamentally a group of highly seasoned industry Channel sales and marketing executives getting together to learn and help each other. That’s why attendees take away real solutions that they can apply immediately.
  9. Access the world’s leading channel solution providers – Providers will be on hand to address your mission-critical priorities. You’ll receive exclusive access to some of the world’s leading solution providers in a variety of settings.
  10. Above all Channel Focus is a content-driven event – Our Advisory board of over 30 Senior channel experts have generously contributed their time to help us develop the agenda and topics that cover the most important Channel issues affecting the channel today. This means the content is right on point for what’s happening now and what will be happening in the next years.
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