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About Channel Focus Club 50

The invitation-only forum for Channel VPs that tackles the most important issues facing Channel Executives today.

The Channel Focus Club 50

Most Channel leaders recognize that as more and more companies move to the Cloud and the need for servers in the back office declines, different buyers and different channels are emerging. IoT, Cloud, SaaS, Block Chain and Digital distribution are just a few of today’s challenges and opportunities and each is leading to the emergence of new channels with new needs to address these new opportunities. 

Two exclusive meetings each year with IT/Telecom industries Senior Channel Leaders

At the Channel Focus Club 50, 50 of the IT and Telecom industries’ leading Channel experts come together to discuss the key issues facing the Channel today. The club is invitation only and only 50 places are available. 40-45 places will be taken by senior industry Channel leaders and 5-10 will be taken by carefully selected future Channel Leaders.

A unique group, a unique environment

As a member of the Channel Focus Club 50, you'll be joining the smartest Channel minds in the IT/Telecom industry. The Club is much more than a talking shop, this is the group that is driving thought leadership and industry consensus on the future of the Channels in the IT/telecom industry. 

A different format - professional led roundtables

The events are primarily based on a peer to peer roundtable format. In these roundtables, the groups will address the impact of the latest technologies/developments and the strategies and tactics needed to address key channel issues/opportunities. At all stages, there will be a choice of 3 groups – 10-20 people per group to allow for real input and in-depth discussion. After all, how often do you have a chance to sit with carefully selected peers in a closed environment to really discuss today’s key challenges and opportunities? Like all elements of the Club 50, the retreats are outcome driven and led by experienced moderators, ensuring that each group will deliver real answers to today’s most pressing issues. The Channel Focus Club 50 is brought to you by Baptie & Co and is the sister show to the most successful Channel event in the World: Channel Focus North America.


Distinguishing Structure - The Chatham House Rule

Baptie & Co has pioneered the use of the Chatham House Rule in the IT/Telecom events industry - a format starting in 1927 and still very relevant today. The Chatham House Rules States: When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s) may be revealed.

This enables participants to share ideas, secure in the knowledge that nothing can be attributed and that everyone can contribute in a safe, secure environment. 

Real answers to today’s most important Channel issues

The Channel Focus Club 50 is designed to give real answers based on the input from the Industry’s Channel Leaders. This is much more than a talking shop – the roundtables lead by professional moderators will help shape conclusions that will enable participants to drive their businesses forward.

At the Channel Focus Club 50 Retreats, you'll share with your peers’ information and ideas on the latest developments, strategies and tactics. Real answers you can use to maximize existing business and develop and grow new business through both existing and emerging channels. At the Retreats, we’ll discuss key industry developments like the new buyers, the IoT channel, digital distribution, specialized partners, reshaping your Channel Management eco-system and more. But we’ll also focus on key institutional issues that Channel leaders face like M & A, re-building your channel team, overcoming institutional bias against the channel and much more. But probably most important of all, as a Channel Focus Club 50 attendee you'll develop and refine actual strategies and tactics that can be used today to successfully drive business through a variety of routes to market.

Exclusive venues to enable unique networking

The meetings take place in carefully selected boutique venues which provide a unique environment to encourage powerful meetings and debates, great networking and unique social events designed to bring the Club members together.

Invitation only

The Channel Focus Club 50 is invitation only. Only 50 places are available and a limited number of invitations are being sent to carefully selected VPs of North American and Global Channels in the World’s leading IT/Telecom companies – If you are reading this – you have received one of our invitations and you need to be part of the club!

Club members have been carefully selected to ensure they represent a broad spectrum of established as well as rapidly growing companies in the technology and telecom industries. Above all Club 50 members are willing to contribute in the environment that is driving Channel thought leadership. 

Other Channel Focus Club 50 capabilities

Membership of our online community

Members have asked for and we are developing an exclusive private online community where club members can:

- Interact with one another in a closed trusted environment through the member portal

- Participate in exclusive quarterly online meetings and debates discussing the issues highlighted by the Club members

- Access to unique content on key Channel topics


The Channel Focus Club 50 is an annual membership which costs $10,000 per year which includes:

Attendance at 2 powerful retreats

- Attendance at all the presentations and roundtables

- All other functions and activities

- 2 nights' accommodation at our exclusive retreat venues

Membership of our online community

- Participation in exclusive meetings, webinars and online debates discussing the issues highlighted by the Club members

- Special Designation in Channel Focus Community Directory listing as a Retreat Attendee and years attended

- The ability to contact and interact with Club members in a trusted environment through the member portal

- Author or Co-Author a white paper, eBook, or webinar with posting on Channel Focus website

- Access to unique content on key Channel topics