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The Channel Focus Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council

Mission Statement:

We pledge to promote a culture of belonging and create a place where all can thrive. We recognize that people are the source of our strength, and our culture is built on a core value of respecting others. We foster an innovative spirit and connect our Channel community around the globe through action.

Pillars of the DEI Council:

Inform ME Support ME Action ME

Get educated; find stories, resources, and ideas highlighting why diversity matters and how to be more inclusive

Links to:

  • Articles
  • Documentaries
  • Books
  • Movies
  • YouTube Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Videos of people sharing their moments of when they “got it”



  • Participation & evaluation in D&I events (including job roles in attendance)
  • No. of Community members
  • Potential Downloads for collateral (articles, documentaries, etc)

Support Exchange; find stories and resources to seek support, provide support or community participation

Links to:

  • Racist Anonymous
  • Support Groups
  • D&I communities
  • Videos of personal stories
  • Mentors



  • No. of Mentors available
  • No. of Mentoring sessions held
  • Participation in Support groups

Be an Advocate; find resources and ideas to take action on a personal or company level

Links to:

  • CEO Pledge
  • Launch a D&I council
  • Inclusion toolkit
  • Charitable organizations
  • D&I Metrics
  • Events to support
  • Etc



  • Companies taking the CEO pledge within the channel
  • Donations to Charity Organizations
  • Events run per year
  • D&I Leader forum participation

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