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e-BOOK: Learn Best Practices for Channel Data Management

Renee Real, ,

This 42-page eBook covers Best Practices for Channel Data Management. It offers practical recommendations for dealing with channel data and channel partners to help you grow your channel. Read the eBook & you’ll learn: What is Channel Data Managemen ...

eBook: Cash is Not King in Channel Incentive Programs

Is your partner rewards program working smart enough? Many programs fail to achieve higher partner engagement and performance because of the assumption that a one-size-fits all approach is sufficient. In this eBook, you’ll learn how a well thought-out, ...

eBook: THE 555 Why a Channel is Critical to Your SaaS Company

Coming to you from top channel strategy firm AchieveUnite, sponsored by Partner Relationship Management (PRM) pure-play technology leader, Impartner. This new eBook, “The 555: Why a Channel is Critical to Your SaaS Company,” explores and defines the 5 Rea ...

PDF: The Channel Focus Annual Channel Trends Survey - The Results

Rod Baptie, ,

How do your Channel programs measure up? Are you running the programs you need? We asked the Channel Focus audience to rate the importance of a variety of channel programs and how successful they felt these Channel programs were. Their feedback provid ...

PRESENTATION: Best Practice on Global Programs

Maurizio Capuzzo, ,

In these webinar presentation slides, Maurizio Capuzzo, former Vice President Global Channel Strategy & Programs at Avaya, discusses the in's and out's of developing and implementing global channel strategies and make them work effectively in Europe.

Jacky Chen, ,

Access the presentation given by Jacky Chen, Chief Executive Officer at AttmG, sharing his insights and experience about what techniques can work when and where you can apply these techniques to the best advantage.

PRESENTATION: Building Sustainable Channel Value - A Systematic and Intelligent Approach

Mike Payne, ,

Download the PDF presentation on Building Sustainable Channel Value - A Systematic and Intelligent Approach by Mike Payne from Planet Group, Solutions Sales Director, EMEA • Transition from tactical campaigns to visible, measurable and repeatable proce ...

PRESENTATION: Channel Focus UK 2007 Survey Results

Channel Focus,

Did you know that 84 per cent of vendors attach great significance to the indirect channel and sees the percentage of sales derived from it growing in the next twelve months? Were you aware that 65 per cent of vendors anticipate the number of partner they ...

PRESENTATION: Coping Strategies for Economic Downturns

William Gilsing, ,

Current economic news has everyone – from consumers to businesses – concerned and wondering, if a worldwide economic recession is already here, how long it will last and how it will affect them. The channel is no different and articles abound right now wi ...

PRESENTATION: Helping Partners Through the Recession

Steve Blum, ,

The Americas at Autodesk share how the company has been helping its channel partners to help them through the recession with the target of not losing any of its top 20 per cent VARs. .

PRESENTATION: Key considerations for examining channel partner loyalty

When vendor and channel partner business models are evolving and end customer relationships with their technology providers are changing, how can vendors drive greater loyalty and commitment from their channel partners? ICLP commissioned a research stu ...

PRESENTATION: Partner Segmentation and Forecasting

William Gilsing, ,

Access the presentation by William Gilsing, Vice President, Global Channel Strategies, hawkeye Channel where he shares best practices in increasing ROI through segmentation of your partner base.

PRESENTATION: Proven Programs and Techniques to Develop and Enable an Evolving Channel

Joby Pearson, ,

Download the pdf presentation by Joby Pearson, former VP of Sales at Channels Services Group (CSG), share proven best practices and insights to help vendors strategically build new revenue streams and build a dedicated sales force throughout their channel ...

PRESENTATION: Rethinking Channel Strategy for the Internet of Things

John DeSarbo, ,

The buzz in the channel regarding the Internet of Things is getting louder every day. Analysts are predicting the market for IOT solutions will exceed $7 trillion by 2020. Tech vendors are forming alliances that span industry sectors to capitalize on the ...

PRESENTATION: The Five Disciplines of Channel Management

Richard Flynn,

Drive Your Partner Investments to a Competitive Advantage and Improve Your Company’s Efficiency and Effectiveness In today’s business environment, winning with partners is key to winning with customers. Companies today are more dependent than ever o ...

PRESENTATION: Why Indirect Pathways Matters

Julie Parrish, ,

View the presentation by Julie Parrish, Vice President of Worldwide Channel at NetApp. She shares her views and experience on why companies should be using indirect channels to sell their products.

WEBINAR - Channel Lead Management Best Practices

Kathleen Hayes,

Marketers can no longer expect to win praise by evangelising the number of leads a campaign generates. In this webinar Kathleen Hayes, vice president of marketing of BlueRoads, shares her expertise on Channel Lead Management. This recording also includes ...

WEBINAR - Opportunities für die IT Industrie

Bernhard Schafer, ,

In diesem Seminar beleuchtet und analysiert der Channel Experte, Herr Berhard Schäfer, vor unseren Augen diese, neue und zusätzliche Business Opportunities, verschiedene Marktsegmente sowie neue Absatzmärkte und Wachstumsmöglichkeiten. This is a Windows M ...