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Rethinking Channel Strategy for the Internet of Things

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John DeSarbo Wednesday, 17 June 2015 15:25

The buzz in the channel regarding the Internet of Things is getting louder every day. Analysts are predicting the market for IOT solutions will exceed $7 trillion by 2020. Tech vendors are forming alliances that span industry sectors to capitalize on the opportunity.

This cross-industry collaboration is not only driving product innovation, but also channel convergence. The lines between the traditional IT, industrial technology and consumer products channels are blurring as channel partners scramble to expand their portfolios and build new capabilities.

How should vendors choose the optimal channels for new IT offerings? What channels will enterprise customers prefer in the future? Should you enable your current channels or build new routes-to-market? In this presentation, we outline an approach for answering these questions to define a a winning go-to-market strategy in an increasingly connected world.