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WEBINAR: Making your Partners’ Lives Easier

Jeremy Butt, ,

A sale to your channel partners often starts or is influenced by customer service. And some estimates put the cost for acquiring new customers at 6 or 7 times that of retaining existing ones. For many vendors, improving customer retention by just 5% can p ...

WEBINAR: The Hybrid Sales Channel: Bridging the Gap Between Direct and Indirect Sales

Rich Blakeman, ,

End customers are continuing to change the way that they buy, creating a market mandate for vendors and partners to change the ways that they sell: being focused on the outside-in, in their coverage strategies and execution all the way down to the direct ...

WEBINAR: The Results of a Unique Research Study - What Really Matters to Vendors and Partners?

Tim Herbert, ,

Access the recorded unique industry study Channel Focus webinar comparing the attitudes of Partners and vendors to the most important Channel issues. CompTIA interviewed their partner network and Channel Focus asked you the vendors the same questions. ...

WEBINAR: Understanding and Delivering What the SMB Reseller Community Needs

Mark Whitby, ,

In any partnership, having open and honest communication is key to building trust and loyalty. SMB resellers today have many choices today from the proliferation of competition in vendor technologies. Choosing the partners that the resellers will lev ...

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WEBINAR: Using Data Analysis to Optimize Marketing & Sales

Carlos Blanco, ,

Listen to this recorded webinar to understand how to have to real data-driven sales and marketing by incorporating best practices in data analytics into your channel marketing and sales businesses. Carlos Blanco, Managing Director of Next Level, shares hi ...

WHITEPAPER: Accelerating Revenue through Channels: Eight Best Practices

Jennifer Hartwell, ,

For organizations that sell products through diverse, multi-level sales channels, being best-in-class in channel operations and channel sales effectiveness is an imperative business priority. Driving sales revenue while attracting the top-performing chann ...

WHITEPAPER: Best Practices in Developing Accountable Channel Marketing Programs

Michael Kelly, ,

There is general recognition across the marketing and sales industry that simply generating leads with partners is not enough. Today it is also critical to generate accountability with all stakeholders involved and to be clearer with all parties concernin ...

WHITEPAPER: Best Practices in Lead Management


This whitepaper explores how companies can improve channel performance by increasing lead follow-up, feedback and closure rates. It introduces a best practice approach to lead management process, from lead generation to sales contact to closed deal and re ...

WHITEPAPER: Driving Sales Force Effectiveness

MikeSpellecy, ,

Vendors and their customers have specific goals for their businesses and expectations for each other. Unfortunately, they don’t always align. In this whitepaper, Michael T. Spellecy of Maritz shares insights and strategies designed to better integrate the ...

WHITEPAPER: How Microsoft Leverages Channel Analytics and Insights to Navigate Today's Changing Partner Business Models

John Desarbo, ,

Emerging partner business models can challenge even an award-winning global partner program like Microsoft's' as cloud computing, Big Data, social integration and mobility are rapidly transforming the IT channel. Learn how Microsoft navigates this ever ...

WHITEPAPER: Incentives in EMEA: Consolidation and Pre-Sales Enablement Support Channel Transformation

Ian Hutchieson, ,

One of the realities of channel transformation today is a vigorous competition among vendors to attract the best channel partners. Incentive programs are one of the key means by which vendors attract – and retain - quality partners and can be a signifi ...

WHITEPAPER: Incentivizing Channel Behavior

Mae Reeves, ,

Most channel incentive programs are designed to reward one thing: sales. At first blush, this makes sense: It’s a standard pay-for-performance model. However, in the increasingly competitive channel market, smart manufacturers are looking to influence beh ...

WHITEPAPER: It's Called Lead Generation For a Reason

Russell Kern, ,

Why now’s the time to rethink B.A.N.T. as a lead scoring criteria for lead generation campaigns and replace it with A.P.N.R.P. scoring methods.

WHITEPAPER: Lead Referral Program Identifying Escalating and Accelerating

Channel Services Group

Download this whitepaper by CSG to read more on Identifying, Escalating and Accelerating Incremental Sales Opportunities.

WHITEPAPER: Nurturing Leads in Long Sales Cycle

Michael Dubin, ,

Executive Summary Information applies to all leads, regardless of whether the sales cycle is long or short. There are a number of different areas to focus on within lead generation, but perhaps the most important is the nurturing and measurement proces ...

WHITEPAPER: Proven Programs and Techniques to Develop and Enable an Evolving Channel


Download this accompanying whitepaper to the webinar Joby Pearson, VP of Sales at Channels Services Group (CSG), who shares proven best practices and insights to help vendors strategically build new revenue streams and build a dedicated sales force throug ...

WHITEPAPER: Selling Skills

Isobel Rimmer, ,

Just how can companies compete in today’s market; growing sales revenue, maintaining sales margins, accessing more customers? How can vendors maximise the potential of their sales teams and those of their partners and resellers?

WHITEPAPER: Selling Successfully to the SMB Market

Michael Haines, ,

Learn how to build the right economies of scale to effectively sell to the Small-Medium Business market. With SMB marketing opportunities continuing to increase, customer demand dynamics changing and distributor focus evolving, channel companies must deve ...

Jonathan Bellwood, ,

Executive Summary Read this whitepaper written by Jonathan Bellwood, Channel Regional Sales Manager for Northern, Central and Eastern Europe at Symbol Technologies, about how vendors tackle the SME market in the CEE.

WHITEPAPER: Three Partner Perspectives That Could Transform Your Channel Management Model and Boost Sales

Erik Long, , ,

What happens if your sales channel partner is giving you information that could significantly improve sales, but you aren’t listening or you can’t understand what the partner is saying? High-tech vendors rely heavily upon their channel partners, to the ...