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WEBINAR: “Beyond Technical Accreditation, What Do Partners Really Want From Their Vendors?”

Gary Morris, Cesar Castro, ,

During this webinar, our speakers Gary Morris from Successful Channels and Cesar Castro from Salesforce covered six main topics, including: Partner life-stage management Partner planning and performance management Partner demand generation Training ...

Whitepaper: A PRM Essential for an Effective Channel Model

Vendors pump in thousands of dollars into technology, processes, and strategies to boost partner engagement and adoption rates. However, not all efforts are successful. This whitepaper examines the reasons for the disconnect between vendors and their part ...

WHITEPAPER: Agent vs. Influencer

Tiffani Bova, ,

Executive Summary Tiffani Bova finds out which compensation programs work best in a highly commoditised, low margin market. This white paper will examine which compensation programs work best in a highly commoditized, low-margin market.

WHITEPAPER: An Analysis of Their Challenges and Opportunities – What are Your Partners Really Saying?

Rod Baptie, ,

As vendors, we need to put ourselves in the shoes of our partners. Through a series of conversations with various partners of different types, I questioned them on their needs their challenges and opportunities. In this whitepaper I’ve tried to condense ...

WHITEPAPER: Best Practice in Using Channel POS Data to Ensure Incentive Program Rebates are Processed in a Timely and Accurate Manner

Robert Shecterle,

Executive Summary Channel volume incentive programs have become increasingly popular as companies use them to drive channel revenues for targeted products, partners or geographies. These programs are often a means to achieve sales goals while at the sa ...

WHITEPAPER: Best Practices in Partner Awareness and Adoption


Download this concise whitepaper on Partner Awareness and Adoption. A case study providing you with solutions on partner programme awareness.

WHITEPAPER: Beyond Better Execution

Julie Parrish, ,

Do you want your partners to be able to build predictable and profitable businesses around you? Proper execution is, of course, very important. But this informative whitepaper argues that real differentiation comes from: • The way you balance your channe ...

WHITEPAPER: Building A ‘Best In Class’ Enterprise Channel In Latin America

Monique Gibelli, ,

This white paper by Monique Gibelli focuses on building a best in class Latin America enterprise channel based mainly on the author’s experiences whilst working at Nortel Networks, Citrix and Microsoft. It starts with a review of what comprises a typical ...

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WHITEPAPER: Building the Business Case for a Strategic Incentivization Program

Channel practitioners are finding their channel partners’ performance flattening, at a time when they are chartered to get more out of channel partners. Many of those practitioners wait way too long before employing an incentivization strategy. If y ...

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WHITEPAPER: Building the Business Case For Channel Program Automation

A well-designed channel incentivization strategy pays big benefits. Before long that success manifests as program expansion, involving hundreds or thousands of partners, and dozens of programs. To sustain and grow this success, a Channel Program Automa ...

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WHITEPAPER: CFUK 2006 Delegate attitudes Survey Results

Channel Focus,

This survey on vendor attitudes was carried out at Baptie and Company's Channel Focus UK conference in February 2006.

WHITEPAPER: Channel Effectiveness - Extending the Reach

Mike Spellecy, ,

Michael Spellecy of Maritz shares strategies designed to help vendors and channel partners build better business relationships and facilitate the co-creation of next generation programs. This whitepaper sheds light on the research-based approaches that le ...

WHITEPAPER: Channel Focus UK 2007 Summary

Channel Focus,

Over 150 of the most senior channel sales and marketing executives in the technology industry came together recently for the leading channel conference, to exchange knowledge, share industry insight and develop strategies and policies for the future. This ...

WHITEPAPER: Channel Insight - InfoNow

Channel Focus

Executive Summary A report from InfoNow on how to leverage your channel point-of-sale data to grow revenues and reduce costs.

WHITEPAPER: Channel Trends & Fundamentals

Ladd Timpson, ,

Trends are undeniably important. But what is really key, argues Novell's Ladd Timpson, is to first ensure you have the fundamentals in place that will allow you to keep your partners happy and respond to industry developments. This whitepaper details b ...

WHITEPAPER: Collecting Data from Channel Partners

Channel Focus

Executive Summary An Channelinsight recommended best practice on how to collect POS data from your channel partners.

WHITEPAPER: Convergent Technology Channels

Guy Swarbrick, ,

An analysis of convergent Technology Channels that answers a number of key questions. What are customer expectations – how should customer value propositions be configured to meet these? What should be the role of channel partners in delivering these ...

WHITEPAPER: Customer Contacts in the Present & Future

Kathy Hunter, ,

This whitepaper reveals a trend to centralise multi-national contact and customer data to achieve three major benefits: improved cost-effectiveness improved marketing impact through better data quality more effective use of corporate data All three ...

WHITEPAPER: Deal Registration - Developing Effective Model

Richard Grabinger, ,

The channel partner who designs or implements a technology solution has a significant influence over brand and product choice, yet they might not sell the actual product to the customer. Dealing with this dynamic requires a different approach to partner f ...

WHITEPAPER: Deal Registration - More Partner Loyalty Less Channel Conflict

Olivier Choron, ,

Executive Summary In this whitepaper purchannels look at how to gain partner loyalty through Deal Registration. But we understand that one size does not fit all - does deal registration works for you? And if it does, how do we keep it simple. If you ...