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WHITEPAPER: Deal Registration Best Practice

Channel Focus

This whitepaper, derived from debates at Baptie's Channel Focus North America conference, offers a summary of the approaches vendors are taking to questions such as: - Whether deal registration should be automated? - Its role in reducing channel confl ...

WHITEPAPER: Effective Channel Partner Management Top Vendor Challenges

Olivier Choron, ,

Executive Summary Build it and they will come. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case when building an indirect channel. There are a number of common issues that channel sales, marketing or operations staff will come across. Here we take a look at some of ...

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WHITEPAPER: From Strategy to Execution

Ross Brown, ,

Numerous challenges exist in the channel - notably in identifying who created a given deal, in the discrepancy between the timescales of vendors and partners and in the difficulties of measuring and managing leads. In this insightful whitepaper, Ross B ...

WHITEPAPER: Get Industry Insights to Solving the Biggest Channel Data Management Challenges

Jeremy Miller, ,

This white paper goes over high-level benchmark results of the Channel Data Management survey recently conducted by Baptie & Associates and Channelinsight. The survey focused on the importance of having access to timely and accurate channel data in order ...

WHITEPAPER: Global Rebate Programs - The Key Challenges

Katherine Laveau, ,

Going Global throws up a number of considerations. Apart from scale, you have to deal with different business cultures, languages, currencies, legal requirements, taxation and cross-border sales transactions. You could write a book about what works in one ...

WHITEPAPER: How to do More with Less in Challenging Business Times

Olivier Choron, ,

Executive Summary Credit crunch, recession, downturn... whatever you call it, the gloves are off and the challenge is on. So how do you maintain profitability whilst maximising the business opportunities that still exist?

Andrea Hoy, ,

The times they really are a’changin’! What drove business decisions, and what you could get away with during the go-go years just doesn’t fly any more. Today, more than ever you’ve really got to understand what drives various participants in the go/no-go ...

WHITEPAPER: Leveraging Compensation to Drive Behaviors

Toni Hine, ,

Executive Summary Compensation is a vital area in the vendor-partner relationship. In this whitepaper, The Institute for Partner Education & Development's Toni Clayon Hine explores best practices for channel sales compensation and partner compensati ...

WHITEPAPER: Managed Services - An Analysis

Lesley Hansen, ,

A number of vendors are moving from products to managed services. This whitepaper explores how services can be effectively offered to the SMB space via partners. It covers problems including: •how to maintain your brand when your products are white-lab ...

WHITEPAPER: Managing “unmanageable partners” - Desirable and Possible!

Olivier Choron, ,

This white paper from purechannels covers the subject of how to constructively engage with the myriad of smaller tier 3 and 4 resellers that many vendors know could deliver good business for them, but because they are numerous and typically small companie ...

WHITEPAPER: Mapping your Channel strategy

Bruce Cummings, ,

Executive Summary Successful Sales and Marketing through indirect channels requires a clear understanding of user purchasing behavior and its interaction with channel business models for each product in each market. Strategic Channel Mapping is a simpl ...

WHITEPAPER: Measuring Channel Program Performance and ROI

William Gilsing, , ,‎

This hawkeye whitepaper will help you get your ducks aligned for 2013. We’ll talk about the role of channel performance in building a healthy channel ecosystem for your company and we’ll provide some examples of insights you can gain when using sophistica ...

WHITEPAPER: Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Beyond the Portal: Creating Advantage by Leveraging Partner Individuality

Olivier Choron, ,

Executive Summary The mechanics sound simple - build an effective channel by creating a tiered group of selected partners to deliver your objectives.The reality, seen by many vendors as a disadvantage, is that partners are not an homogenous mass, ready ...

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WHITEPAPER: Partner Segmentation and Forecasting

Bruce Cummings, ,

Read this mini white paper by Bruce Cummings on the best practices of ranking and prioritizing your channel partners.

WHITEPAPER: Simply Better

Patrick Barwise, ,

Executive Summary Professor Patrick Barwise of London Business School explores what really makes businesses stand out from the crowd. He argues that, rather than having to offer something unique to attract business, customers generally buy the brand t ...

WHITEPAPER: Strategic to Tactical: Routes to Market Mapping

Tony Clarke, ,

Different partners suit different products. This whitepaper explores the best ways of mapping products, marketing with and through partners and even changing the position your products map in. Illustrated with a range of case studies, it is both an int ...

WHITEPAPER: The 2008 Survey: Vendor & Partner Attitudes

Channel Focus,

Vendor and solution provider communities are jointly responsible for creating a strong and viable channel which is mutually beneficial for both parties. But they have contrasting view on what they derive from the channel and where they would like to see i ...

WHITEPAPER: The 2009 Survey: Vendor and Partner Attitudes

Channel Focus,

This exclusive whitepaper identifies significant divergence between the attitudes of vendors and partners, as well as agreement in unexpected areas. It uncovers opportunities to improve partnering arrangements, and outlines some of the current and future ...

WHITEPAPER: The Economist vs. Digital Home

Bob Snyder, ,

Executive Summary This white paper analyzes The Economist's special report 'Visions of the Digital Home', where the technological development of the home was labelled as mere science-fiction. Bob Snyder explains why The Economist has got it all wrong.

WHITEPAPER: The Revolution Shaking Europe's PC Channel

Bob Snyder, ,

As the IT industry’s manufacturers diversify their product ranges into Consumer Electronics, many IT manufacturers seem to think they will make these CE products and sell them unopposed to our traditional IT channels. Instead, the advent of consumer IT ...