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WEBINAR - Channel Lead Management Best Practices

Kathleen Hayes,

Marketers can no longer expect to win praise by evangelising the number of leads a campaign generates. In this webinar Kathleen Hayes, vice president of marketing of BlueRoads, shares her expertise on Channel Lead Management. This recording also includes ...

WEBINAR - Opportunities für die IT Industrie

Bernhard Schafer, ,

In diesem Seminar beleuchtet und analysiert der Channel Experte, Herr Berhard Schäfer, vor unseren Augen diese, neue und zusätzliche Business Opportunities, verschiedene Marktsegmente sowie neue Absatzmärkte und Wachstumsmöglichkeiten. This is a Windows M ...

WEBINAR - The Changing Role of the Channel

Carlos Blanco, ,

Produce margins are dropping globally and partners are desperately looking for other sources of revenue. A move to services is natural for many. But with a perceived lack of sophistication and robust business models, many IT manufacturers still think that ...

WEBINAR - True Channel Engagement

Gary Skidmore, ,

What do partners really want from their vendors? Research from Harte-Hanks shows what partners are saying about the marketing support they require – and what vendors can do about it. This webinar is presented by Gary Skidmore, Senior Vice President o ...

Webinar replay: Is there an ideal partner portal?

Olivier Choron, ,

Cath Hackett, Transformation Director - Go to Market Strategy at Konica Minolta, and Gary Morris, CEO and Founder at Successful Channels Inc., will discuss their portal best practices. From resources they share to results they have achieved, they wil ...

WEBINAR: 6 Insights on How to Use Smart Data to Grow Your Channel

Renee Real

Can you trust the data you are getting and support it? Is the information you receive accurate, complete and valid? In this 45 minute webinar, Owen McKee, Director of Sales at Channelinsight and Rod Baptie, President at Baptie & Co., will share their ins ...

WEBINAR: Best Practices to Recruit A Successful Channel Partner

Richard Flynn, ,

What happens when it comes time to actually talk to a targeted recruit organization? What is the best way to frame a conversation about forming a new partnership? Who should be part of that conversation? And if things go well, how do you make sure the con ...

WEBINAR: Building a More Targeted Channel

Carlos Blanco, ,

Listen to this recorded webinar where Carlos Blanco, Managing Director, Field Sales & Marketing Services, Everything Channel, shares his experiences and knowledge of how vendors drive significant revenue from new and existing channel partners through prov ...

WEBINAR: Building an Effective Go To Market Strategy for the CEE and CIS region

Torsti Pullola, ,

Listen to this webcast and see a presentation given by Torsti Pullola, Alliances & Channels Director, EE&CIS Region at Oracle sharing his insights and experiences on working in Central and Eastern Europe. By listening to this webinar, you will learn: ...

WEBINAR: Building Value with Partners by Offering a Competitive Difference. Lessons Learned from a Technology Leader

Ian Hutchieson, ,

The channel is changing, time to market is moving faster, knowing how to stay relevant is challenging. Knowing which Partners to target, invest in, while everything around them (and you) is evolving. Giving them enough reasons to consider your brand and ...

WEBINAR: Business Outcomes - Who are Your Partners Selling To? The Demise of CTO and the Rise of the C-Suite Decision Makers

Richard Flynn, ,

The customer has fundamentally changed. The partner of tomorrow requires a different business model because customers are expecting more from their partners. You need to retool your channel offerings to remain relevant. End users are asking for total solu ...

WEBINAR: Comparing Vendor & Partner Attitudes 2007

Channel Focus Community

This is exclusive content that has been conducted by CMP and Baptie & Co giving you a unique insight into partner attitudes to a whole set of key channel issues, challenges and programs, plus the views of the vendor community. Listen to this recording ...

WEBINAR: Creating Channel Incentive Programs that Drive Performance and Increase Loyalty

Jennifer Hartwell, ,

As many channel-driven companies are planning for significant increases in channel revenue over the next year, the market for top-performing partners is becoming increasingly competitive. Channel incentive programs are a key component to building succe ...

WEBINAR: CRM Your Channel: Best Practices to Obtain Real - Time Visibility into your Channel Customers, Partners and Sales

Seann Hartnett, ,

Gaining insight into your channel performance is imperative for you to achieve your growth goals. Channelinsight provides your sales team with the same visibility into your channel sales that offers for your direct sales organization. Get t ...

Webinar: Data-Driven Channel Management: Skate to Where the Puck is Going

John DeSarbo & Alex Southworth

ZS recently surveyed 100 U.S. hardware and software providers to assess confidence in their 2016 channel growth plans. The survey produced some surprising results. While the vast majority of vendors feel that have defined the right opportunities for th ...

WEBINAR: Effective Global Payment Systems

Vaugn Aust, ,

Listen to this recording by Vaughn Aust of hawkeye on how to develop, implement and administer global payment systems to effectively engage partners and maximize results.

Webinar: Five Future Channel Trends That You Need To Be Planning For Today

Jay McBain, ,

The pace of change in the indirect sales world has been mind-numbing over the past few years. There are new business models and partner types popping up seemingly every day - driven by technology, economic challenges and customer behavior. Combine thi ...

WEBINAR: Focusing on the Right Partners to Drive Strategic Growth - 5 Golden Rules for Establishing a Customer Centric Approach

Robert Saxe, ,

Focusing on the Right Partners to Drive Strategic Growth - 5 Golden Rules for Establishing a Customer Centric Approach What is your plan for driving strategic growth through your channel? How do you identify, focus and enable the “right” partners ...

WEBINAR: From “First Date” to Engagement: Partner Profiling and Onboarding for Today’s Channel

William Gilsing, ,‎

Are you having a lot of first dates with prospective partners lately? New partners are critical for growing business and extending your market reach – learn how to profile and onboard partners who will move from that first “date” to full “engagement” wit ...