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WEBINAR: What's Wrong with Vuvuzela Marketing?

Bob Snyder, ,

You can argue the real World Cup winner was the stadium horn of South African soccer, locally known as a humble Lepatata...and from now on famous the world over as the "vuvuzela." Traditionally made and inspired from a kudu horn, the vuvuzela was origi ...

WHITEPAPER: 2011 Channel Investment, Cloud Services, and Social Media

hawkeye Channel‎

The recession is receding and industry pundits are busy wrangling forecasts for 2011 as technology companies begin to ramp up for increased revenues. As you finalize 2011 budgets, hawkeye Channel and Baptie offer insights from a channel investment surv ...

WHITEPAPER: A Beginner's Guide to Partner Marketing with Content Syndication

Patrick van Boom, ,

This whitepaper looks at the basics of what channel content syndication is, how to determine whether it's a good fit for your business and also provides some basic questions to ask when shopping different vendors.

WHITEPAPER: Advantages of Online Media in Marketing

Andrew Sanderson, ,

Executive Summary As a marketing director, you want to initiate a marketing strategy that is accountable, measurable and transparent. It makes sense to focus on direct marketing since its techniques provide a closed loop in which, customer response nat ...

WHITEPAPER: B2B Email Newsletters - Best Practices

Andrew Sanderson, ,

This white paper describes best practice insights for B2B email newsletters gained by SAP’s in-house global email marketing team. At SAP, email newsletters cover a wide range of specialist themes. There are seventeen email newsletters for customers & p ...

WHITEPAPER: Best Practice Customer Testimonials

Tarkan Maner, ,

In every company you discover that staff usually expect customers to be saying great things about them and their brand. Sometimes they do, especially if you bribe them by taking them to dinner or to conferences. But testimonials are an important topic ...

WHITEPAPER: Blogging Successfully

Bob Kaplitz, ,

Blogs and other new technologies have transformed online marketing and altered the way in which companies communicate with existing and prospective customers. Deployed correctly, blogs are a powerful tool in the battle to win and retain the attention of u ...

Whitepaper: Boost Your Sales Now!

The challenge with through-channel demand generation is that it hasn’t evolved in over a decade. You spend millions on platforms, content, and resources that your channels simply don’t use... Click the link on the right to learn more

WHITEPAPER: Delivering Products Customers Really Want

Lesley Hansen, ,

Lesley Hansen offers her thoughts and insights from 20 years of marketing experience in the IT/Telecom sector on ways that marketing can work to link engineering, sales and marketing to increase sales by delivering products the customers really want.

WHITEPAPER: Evolution of Channel Marketing

Graham Vann, ,

Graham Vann, European Head of Strategic Field Marketing at Cisco, analyses how channel marketing has evolved to help the organisation create a sales model that is marketing-led and partner-enabled.

WHITEPAPER: Fix It Or You're Fired!

Russell Kern, ,

It’s nice to have your company and product pop up when a prospective customer is searching for information about your category on Google or Yahoo. But how do you accomplish it? What role does search play? How and why are your customers using it? At what s ...

WHITEPAPER: Ford and Jaguar: Building Brand Value

Sir Nick Scheele, ,

Building brands is not an easy business, especially when the product you're trying to sell is regarded as being unreliable. In this engaging whitepaper, former Ford chief Sir Nick Scheele discusses premium brands, marketing and the car industry, with part ...

WHITEPAPER: Forget about a Social Media Strategy – You need a Content Delivery Strategy

Oliver Choron, ,

At every meeting we have recently attended, our customers and prospective clients have been talking about their social media strategy. How to get one… how to improve it… how to manage it… What isn’t being talked about anywhere near as much is the content ...

WHITEPAPER: Is Email Still an Effective Channel Marketing Tool?

Oliver Choron, ,

In this purechannels whitepaper we share some thoughts and handy tips, to enable you to deliver powerful, integrated and measurable email marketing campaigns to your partners.

WHITEPAPER: Key Trends in the Channel

Allyson Seelinger, ,

Marketing executives need to be aware of the key trends in the channel in order to reach their customers through the channel. There are several emerging trends to examine. Chief among these is the move from product sales to service business and the confli ...

WHITEPAPER: Lead Distribution Best Practice

Elay Cohen, ,

Lead management is a big pain point for many companies. Even if the leads are flowing in at a good pace, it often takes too long to follow up, or worse, some may fall through the cracks entirely. Without measurements, companies are unable to evaluate prog ...

WHITEPAPER: Leveraging New Technologies

Channel Focus,

Executive Summary Blogs, podcasts and RSS are exciting developments, but how should you use them effectively? This whitepaper offers a concise set of best practice guidelines, discussing new tools and how they should fit into existing strategies.

WHITEPAPER: Marketing Directors & Direct Marketing

Andrew Sanderson, ,

Executive Summary B2B marketing is in the process of a major transition: from art to science. The old view of marketing as a black box that generated uncertain results is no longer acceptable. B2B marketing today is expected to be measurable, accou ...

WHITEPAPER: Maximizing Channel Marketing Spend

Jeff Staley, ,

Executive Summary As organizations seek additional ways to increase brand awareness and generate demand, vendors are increasingly looking at their channel marketing funding programs to be more effective by augmenting and leveraging the marketing budget ...

WHITEPAPER: Measuring the ROI of Marketing Campaigns

Mike Kelly, ,

In today’s economy, it is more important than ever understand how every marketing dollar is being spent, and what benefits marketing campaigns are providing to a company. By planning for and tracking the Marketing Return on Investment (ROI), companies ca ...