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WHITEPAPER: Partner Ecosystems

Carlos Blanco, ,

Executive Summary This document seeks to explore the issues in and challenges to building true channel ecosystems that have an impact on the bottom line — both of the channel partner and the manufacturer. This document contains ideas that can serve as ...

WHITEPAPER: Penetrating New Markets

Sandy Carter, , ,

Concerned about the risk of entering a new market? You should be. Any move will require major investment and have a very real risk of failure. To make your move a successful one, you must understand your customers, your own potential and the nature of the ...

WHITEPAPER: Providing Credit in Latin America

Franco Zayas, ,

Executive Summary Credit is sometimes viewed as an afterthought by marketing and sales teams. This is a grave mistake. In this whitepaper, GE's Franco Zayas: explores credit's vital role in the sales cycle explains why it needs to be understoo ...

WHITEPAPER: Social on Demand - Solutions Overview

Olivier Choron, ,

What if your partners could publish your content directly to their customers via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter... all in real-time and with targeted posts? Now they can! With socialondemand™ - a revolutionary patent-pending* web-based solution from purec ...

WHITEPAPER: The Role of Search

John Topping, ,

Executive Summary It’s nice to have your company and product pop up when a prospective customer is searching for information about your category on Google or Yahoo. But how do you accomplish it? What role does search play? How and why are your customer ...

WHITEPAPER: Top 10 Ways You Might be Wasting Channel Investment

William Gilsing, ,‎

Many things keep CEOs, CFOs and Channel Chiefs up at night. At the top of that list is whether the millions of dollars they invest in channel recruitment, partner enablement and channel management positively impact indirect sales growth and profitability. ...

WHITEPAPER: Understanding Distributor Marketing

Carlos Blanco, ,

Executive Summary Distributors are often misused by vendors. Common mistakes include expecting wholesale distributors to push your products, the indiscriminate use of marketing funds, poor communication and misuse of loyalty programmes. In this in-d ...

WHITEPAPER: Use the Visibility into your Value Chain

Polly Patterson, ,

Executive Summary See pdf presentation by Polly Patterson, EVP of The Planet Group, US share best practice to ensure your investments in channel marketing and technical enablement resources and programs are helping partners to drive sales.