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Job Title: CEO and Chief Channel Strategist

WEBINAR: Benefits to Maximise your Partner Program

Shari Marion-Hoff, ,

Millions of dollars are spent each year on partner programs and benefits that do not actually have any impact on partners. Listen to a recorded webinar with Shari Marion-Moff, president/CEO and co-founder of Hawkeye Cohesion as she explores the partner ...

WEBINAR: How to Monetize P2P Collaboration and Establish Metrics for Success

Shari Marion-Hoff, ,

Listen to the recorded webcast where Shari Marion-Hoff, President/CEO of hawkeye Channel, shares her findings and discusses how vendors and partners can find measurable success in partner to partner collaboration.

WEBINAR: Simplifying your Partner Program

Shari Marion-Hoff, ,

Listen to the recorded webinar and access a copy of the presentation given by Shari Marion-Hoff, President/CEO and co-founder of hawkeye Channel, with exclusive research – released here for the first time – delving into the evolution of partner programs t ...

WHITEPAPER: Three Simple Rules for B2B 2.0—Best Practices in Shaping the B2B Offline to Online Transition

Shari Marion-Hoff, ,

Executive Summary Nearly half of all B2B buyers find their products and vendors—and complete their purchases—online. Surveys indicate that over 80 percent plan to increase their online spending budgets annually through 2011. This white paper outline ...

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WHITEPAPER: Simplify Your Partner Program

Shari Marion-Hoff, ,

For channel partners to do more business with vendors, it is vital to implement an easy-to-understand and simplified partner program but still offer the elements desired by the channel. Read the whitepaper by Shari Marion-Hoff formerly at hawkeye Chan ...