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Job Title: Director Industry Services

PRESENTATION: Driving profitability via optimized MDF

Jeff Staley, ,

Access the presentation by Jeff Staley, Director, Industry Solutions Group at SAP, on how companies should implement a comprehensive enterprise-wide strategy for planning, executing and analyzing channel marketing funds.

WEBINAR: Increasing Channel Efficiency

Jeff Staley, ,

Listen to a recorded webcast by Jeff Staley, Director of Industry Solutions Group at SAP where he discusses some best practice in using business intelligence to drive channel efficiency.

WHITEPAPER: Maximizing Channel Marketing Spend

Jeff Staley, ,

Executive Summary As organizations seek additional ways to increase brand awareness and generate demand, vendors are increasingly looking at their channel marketing funding programs to be more effective by augmenting and leveraging the marketing budget ...

WHITEPAPER: Using BI to Increase Channel Efficiency

Jeff Staley, ,

Executive Summary In today's climate channel marketers need to be able to make fast and smart business decisions to make their channel more efficient and generate profit. But with the wealth of data collected and from multiple sources, the challenge is ...