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Job Title: VP of Channel Strategy

WEBINAR: A Winning Partner Enablement Strategy

William Gilsing, ,

If you’re a channel sales or marketing manager, you’re tasked with the constant need to identify, prioritize, target, invest, and measure the performance of your partners. By effectively enabling your partners, you have the potential to transform your ...

PRESENTATION: Coping Strategies for Economic Downturns

William Gilsing, ,

Current economic news has everyone – from consumers to businesses – concerned and wondering, if a worldwide economic recession is already here, how long it will last and how it will affect them. The channel is no different and articles abound right now wi ...

WEBINAR: Channel Investment Benchmark

William Gilsing, ,

Access the exclusive benchmark results and recording only available for Channel Focus Community members. The Channel Focus Community and hawkeye Channel have conducted an exclusive benchmark study to help you better understand channel priorities under ...

PRESENTATION: Partner Segmentation and Forecasting

William Gilsing, ,

Access the presentation by William Gilsing, Vice President, Global Channel Strategies, hawkeye Channel where he shares best practices in increasing ROI through segmentation of your partner base.