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Webinar Replay: How do you measure and benchmark your partner’s performance?

Chris Doggett, ,

With budgets under threat, knowing which partners to prioritize and how to measure effectiveness are keys to doing more with less. But how do you choose which metrics to measure? How do you balance qualitative and quantitative factors in a way that makes ...

WEBINAR: How should Resellers and Vendors change Their Sales Compensation Models to allow for ‘Cloud’ Business?

Craig Schlagbaum, ,

Sales compensation models are being redesigned so that companies can capture the rapidly growing demand for cloud services. The old model of rewarding reps based on actual revenue bookings in the period doesn't work in the new cloud services model as cus ...

Gill Cheesewright, ,

See the presentation by Gill Cheesewright, Vice Chairman of EMEA Communications Committee, discuss how going green can actually increase company profit, while saving the environment.

Bruce Cummings, ,

Bruce Cummings presenting a workshop on "Channel Mapping: How to use your precious marketing dollars more effectively." This 1 hour webinar will provide you with a powerful but easy to use process that so you can determine how your products fit with servi ...

PRESENTATION: How Do We Train Our Partners to Move from Being Plumbers to Selling Real Business Outcomes to their Customers?

Robert Saxe, ,

Today, end user customers are expecting more from their partners. Gone are the days when a partner could merely get certified then have a good business by simply reselling kit and conducting simple installations. Now, end users are asking for total solu ...

Category:Channel Sales
PRESENTATION: Best Practices for Creating Sales Tools Your Partners Will Use

Richard Goring, ,

Richard Goring, Managing Consultant - BrightCarbon, is one of the country's leading authorities on sales presentations, and has recently been pioneering the use of iPad for visual sales conversations. He has helped to write and create 1000s of sales prese ...

Category:Channel Sales
WEBINAR: A Deep Dive into Evolving Business Models in the Cloud

Matt Wilson, ,

More companies are utilizing the cloud every day, but how does this affect us in the channel and what benefits does it provide? In this 45 minute webcast Matt Wilson, Sr. Director of Channel Management at Comcast Business, will discuss the cloud in depth ...

WEBINAR: Creating a Journey of Transformation for Your Organization

Alyssa Fitzpatrick, ,

Alyssa Fitzpatrick | SVP, Global Partner Organization| CA Technologies Like any good relationship, a strong partnership needs to be built upon trust, respect and open communication. But what happens when that breaks down between partners? The business ...

Category:Other Issues
WEBINAR: Focusing on the Right Partners to Drive Strategic Growth - 5 Golden Rules for Establishing a Customer Centric Approach

Robert Saxe, ,

Focusing on the Right Partners to Drive Strategic Growth - 5 Golden Rules for Establishing a Customer Centric Approach What is your plan for driving strategic growth through your channel? How do you identify, focus and enable the “right” partners ...

Jacky Chen, ,

Access the presentation given by Jacky Chen, Chief Executive Officer at AttmG, sharing his insights and experience about what techniques can work when and where you can apply these techniques to the best advantage.

WHITEPAPER: Understanding Where Your Partners' Costs Lie

Audrey Baker, ,

Executive Summary How can you minimize your effect on your partners' cost structure while maximizing results? Audrey Baker's whitepaper stresses the importance of keeping it REAL and provides revealing detail on how you can: - reduce fiction costs ...

WHITEPAPER: Partner Segmentation and Forecasting

Bruce Cummings, ,

Read this mini white paper by Bruce Cummings on the best practices of ranking and prioritizing your channel partners.

WHITEPAPER: Mapping your Channel strategy

Bruce Cummings, ,

Executive Summary Successful Sales and Marketing through indirect channels requires a clear understanding of user purchasing behavior and its interaction with channel business models for each product in each market. Strategic Channel Mapping is a simpl ...

WHITEPAPER: Leveraging Compensation to Drive Behaviors

Toni Hine, ,

Executive Summary Compensation is a vital area in the vendor-partner relationship. In this whitepaper, The Institute for Partner Education & Development's Toni Clayon Hine explores best practices for channel sales compensation and partner compensati ...