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WEBINAR: What's Wrong with Vuvuzela Marketing?

Bob Snyder, ,

You can argue the real World Cup winner was the stadium horn of South African soccer, locally known as a humble Lepatata...and from now on famous the world over as the "vuvuzela." Traditionally made and inspired from a kudu horn, the vuvuzela was origi ...

WHITEPAPER: The Revolution Shaking Europe's PC Channel

Bob Snyder, ,

As the IT industry’s manufacturers diversify their product ranges into Consumer Electronics, many IT manufacturers seem to think they will make these CE products and sell them unopposed to our traditional IT channels. Instead, the advent of consumer IT ...

WHITEPAPER: The Economist vs. Digital Home

Bob Snyder, ,

Executive Summary This white paper analyzes The Economist's special report 'Visions of the Digital Home', where the technological development of the home was labelled as mere science-fiction. Bob Snyder explains why The Economist has got it all wrong.