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Company: The Kern Organization

WHITEPAPER: It's Called Lead Generation For a Reason

Russell Kern, ,

Why now’s the time to rethink B.A.N.T. as a lead scoring criteria for lead generation campaigns and replace it with A.P.N.R.P. scoring methods.

Category:Channel Sales
WHITEPAPER: Fix It Or You're Fired!

Russell Kern, ,

It’s nice to have your company and product pop up when a prospective customer is searching for information about your category on Google or Yahoo. But how do you accomplish it? What role does search play? How and why are your customers using it? At what s ...

WEBINAR: Leveraging the IT Buy Cycle

Russell Kern, ,

Russell Kern, President of the The Kern Organization covers "Leveraging the IT Buy cycle to deliver new customers, revenue and high marketing ROI". This prerecorded webinar takes you from "how IT decision makers evaluate materials" to "Four real world ...