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Tags: Channel strategy

WHITEPAPER: The Revolution Shaking Europe's PC Channel

Bob Snyder, ,

As the IT industry’s manufacturers diversify their product ranges into Consumer Electronics, many IT manufacturers seem to think they will make these CE products and sell them unopposed to our traditional IT channels. Instead, the advent of consumer IT ...

WHITEPAPER: Effective Channel Partner Management Top Vendor Challenges

Olivier Choron, ,

Executive Summary Build it and they will come. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case when building an indirect channel. There are a number of common issues that channel sales, marketing or operations staff will come across. Here we take a look at some of ...

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WEBINAR: How to Monetize P2P Collaboration and Establish Metrics for Success

Shari Marion-Hoff, ,

Listen to the recorded webcast where Shari Marion-Hoff, President/CEO of hawkeye Channel, shares her findings and discusses how vendors and partners can find measurable success in partner to partner collaboration.

WHITEPAPER: Convergent Technology Channels

Guy Swarbrick, ,

An analysis of convergent Technology Channels that answers a number of key questions. What are customer expectations – how should customer value propositions be configured to meet these? What should be the role of channel partners in delivering these ...

WHITEPAPER: Partner Segmentation - Best Practices

hawkeye Channel,‎

Best practices in ranking and prioritizing your partners. As margins shrink and competition soars, optimizing partner performance and channel investment are critical. They Key to your success is to enable your channel partners, but this task may be mor ...

WHITEPAPER: Getting the most out of your Channel Marketing Investments

Tony White, , ,

Birch Worldwide specialized channel marketing services and operations organization faced a serious challenge with one of their clients: They needed to double the benefit generation of the client’s top program, with evidence to back up those results, on a ...

WEBINAR: A Winning Partner Enablement Strategy

William Gilsing, ,

If you’re a channel sales or marketing manager, you’re tasked with the constant need to identify, prioritize, target, invest, and measure the performance of your partners. By effectively enabling your partners, you have the potential to transform your ...

WEBINAR: Best Practice for CAM’s from a Distribution Perspective

Ian Kilpatrick, ,

CAM's are a key component of success, or failure, in developing and managing business through and with the channel. Their energy, skill, drive and engagement can make the difference between a successful, strong growing relationship and loss of traction. ...

WHITEPAPER: B2B Email Newsletters - Best Practices

Andrew Sanderson, ,

This white paper describes best practice insights for B2B email newsletters gained by SAP’s in-house global email marketing team. At SAP, email newsletters cover a wide range of specialist themes. There are seventeen email newsletters for customers & p ...

WHITEPAPER: Managed Services - An Analysis

Lesley Hansen, ,

A number of vendors are moving from products to managed services. This whitepaper explores how services can be effectively offered to the SMB space via partners. It covers problems including: •how to maintain your brand when your products are white-lab ...

PRESENTATION: P2P Collaboration

Shari Marion-Hoff, ,

Shari Marion-Hoff, former President/CEO of hawkeye Channel, shares her findings and discusses how vendors and partners can find measurable success in partner to partner collaboration.

WHITEPAPER: Channel Trends & Fundamentals

Ladd Timpson, ,

Trends are undeniably important. But what is really key, argues Novell's Ladd Timpson, is to first ensure you have the fundamentals in place that will allow you to keep your partners happy and respond to industry developments. This whitepaper details b ...

WHITEPAPER: CFUK 2006 Delegate attitudes Survey Results

Channel Focus,

This survey on vendor attitudes was carried out at Baptie and Company's Channel Focus UK conference in February 2006.

Andrea Hoy, ,

The times they really are a’changin’! What drove business decisions, and what you could get away with during the go-go years just doesn’t fly any more. Today, more than ever you’ve really got to understand what drives various participants in the go/no-go ...

WHITEPAPER: Three Simple Rules for B2B 2.0—Best Practices in Shaping the B2B Offline to Online Transition

Shari Marion-Hoff, ,

Executive Summary Nearly half of all B2B buyers find their products and vendors—and complete their purchases—online. Surveys indicate that over 80 percent plan to increase their online spending budgets annually through 2011. This white paper outline ...

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WHITEPAPER: Best Practice in Using Channel POS Data to Ensure Incentive Program Rebates are Processed in a Timely and Accurate Manner

Robert Shecterle,

Executive Summary Channel volume incentive programs have become increasingly popular as companies use them to drive channel revenues for targeted products, partners or geographies. These programs are often a means to achieve sales goals while at the sa ...

WHITEPAPER: Strategic to Tactical: Routes to Market Mapping

Tony Clarke, ,

Different partners suit different products. This whitepaper explores the best ways of mapping products, marketing with and through partners and even changing the position your products map in. Illustrated with a range of case studies, it is both an int ...

WHITEPAPER: Proven Programs and Techniques to Develop and Enable an Evolving Channel


Download this accompanying whitepaper to the webinar Joby Pearson, VP of Sales at Channels Services Group (CSG), who shares proven best practices and insights to help vendors strategically build new revenue streams and build a dedicated sales force throug ...

WHITEPAPER: Your Channel Programs - Are They Working?

Andy Wright, ,‎

Increasing sales through your channel is imperative—so, how can you make sure you succeed? Data analytics are the key—they can help you determine if your channel programs are working, or missing the mark. But often people confuse analytics with metrics ...

WHITEPAPER: Deal Registration Best Practice

Channel Focus

This whitepaper, derived from debates at Baptie's Channel Focus North America conference, offers a summary of the approaches vendors are taking to questions such as: - Whether deal registration should be automated? - Its role in reducing channel confl ...