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WEBINAR: Getting the most out of MDF/Co-Op

William Gilsing, ,

Listen to a recorded webinar, given by William Gilsing, Vice President, Global Channel Strategies, hawkeye Channel, on how to ensure your company harnesses the power of MDF/co-op to its full advantage.


Gill Cheesewright, ,

See the presentation by Gill Cheesewright, Vice Chairman of EMEA Communications Committee, discuss how going green can actually increase company profit, while saving the environment.

WEBINAR: Five Ways to Jumpstart Your 2012 Partner Programs

Jon Whitlock, ,

Looking for better ways to enable your channel in 2012? Partners and salespeople are busier and more mobile than ever. They expect to have the right information “in the moment” wherever they are – on the road, via smartphones and mobile devices. Learn ...

WEBINAR: Benefits to Maximise your Partner Program

Shari Marion-Hoff, ,

Millions of dollars are spent each year on partner programs and benefits that do not actually have any impact on partners. Listen to a recorded webinar with Shari Marion-Moff, president/CEO and co-founder of Hawkeye Cohesion as she explores the partner ...


Vinay Iyer, ,

Listen to Vinay Iyer, Vice President of CRM Marketing at SAP, talk about the importance for channel marketers to understand the financial implications of program execution and build processes to manage the financial implications of channel programs. Iy ...

WHITEPAPER: Deal Registration Best Practices and Future Trends

hawkeye Channel,

Deal registration programs were introduced by technology vendors to their channel partners almost a decade ago to reduce channel conflict while gaining early visibility into the sales pipeline. Other objectives included mitigating partner margin erosio ...

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PRESENTATION: Incentivising Partners during the Downturn

Mike Morgan, , ,

View the presentation slides from a webcast on how to run simple and cost effective incentive and loyalty programs for the channel that reward incremental sales from committed partners actively engaged in building your pipeline and closing sales.

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WEBINAR: Cut Through the Complexity

Dan Hawtof, , ,

View the webinar replay of “Cut Through the Complexity: Smarter Incentives Drive Results” presented by Dan Hawtof, Blackhawk Engagement Solutions VP of Business Solutions, Global Channel. Dan discusses research findings and provides insight on how to ...

WEBINAR: Demand Generation: Provide New Content That Enables Channel Partners To Drive Sales

Jon Whitlock, ,

Listen to the recorded webinar by Jon Whitlock, former Vice President Channel Solutions, Brainshark & Martha Stuart, Director, North America Marketing at Sophos, describes how Sophos supports its partners demand generation and communications efforts with ...

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PRESENTATION: Training Your Coaches: Getting the Most from your CAMs

William Gilsing, , ,

Billions of dollars in revenue pass through the channel each year, yet the technology industry does not have a formal accreditation standard for channel sales, channel marketing, nor channel account management. Many technology companies have formal tr ...

WHITEPAPER: Best Practices in Developing Accountable Channel Marketing Programs

Michael Kelly, ,

There is general recognition across the marketing and sales industry that simply generating leads with partners is not enough. Today it is also critical to generate accountability with all stakeholders involved and to be clearer with all parties concernin ...

WHITEPAPER: MFD and Co-Op: A Results Based Guide To What Works

Tony White, ,

The business of selling through channels is enormously complex. Companies have different cultures, different partner types and tiers, and different product groups. Effective MDF and Co-op programs have an important role to play in making it work. This ...

WHITEPAPER: Global Payment Systems

hawkeye Channel,‎

At a time when cash flow is business-critical to vendors and partners alike, efficient global payment systems are increasingly vital to support partner incentive programs—like MDF and co-op, deal registration, rebates, and others. Such systems can eas ...

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WEBINAR: What are the biggest challenges and struggles Partners encounter when working with their vendor?

Bill Kelly, , ,

Partner Helpdesks are no longer the call centers of the past. While Helpdesk services continue to be tactical by nature their strategic values is rising. As the “front door” to the vendor, the Helpdesk is the first point of contact with its Partners. This ...

WHITEPAPER: Measuring Channel Program Performance and ROI

William Gilsing, , ,‎

This hawkeye whitepaper will help you get your ducks aligned for 2013. We’ll talk about the role of channel performance in building a healthy channel ecosystem for your company and we’ll provide some examples of insights you can gain when using sophistica ...

WHITEPAPER: Simplify Your Partner Program

Shari Marion-Hoff, ,

For channel partners to do more business with vendors, it is vital to implement an easy-to-understand and simplified partner program but still offer the elements desired by the channel. Read the whitepaper by Shari Marion-Hoff formerly at hawkeye Chan ...

WEBINAR: Increasing Channel Efficiency

Jeff Staley, ,

Listen to a recorded webcast by Jeff Staley, Director of Industry Solutions Group at SAP where he discusses some best practice in using business intelligence to drive channel efficiency.