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WHITEPAPER: How to Get Channel Partners to Submit Their Data

Renee Real, ,

We all know that partner data collection is the foundation of an effective Channel Data Management (CDM) program. And some times collecting accurate and timely data from your partners can be difficult to accomplish. But without complete and accurate data, ...

e-BOOK: Learn Best Practices for Channel Data Management

Renee Real, ,

This 42-page eBook covers Best Practices for Channel Data Management. It offers practical recommendations for dealing with channel data and channel partners to help you grow your channel. Read the eBook & you’ll learn: What is Channel Data Managemen ...

WHITEPAPER: Get Industry Insights to Solving the Biggest Channel Data Management Challenges

Jeremy Miller, ,

This white paper goes over high-level benchmark results of the Channel Data Management survey recently conducted by Baptie & Associates and Channelinsight. The survey focused on the importance of having access to timely and accurate channel data in order ...