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CHEATSHEET: Social Media

Sarah Foulkes, , ,

Social media is everywhere. We could dive into the statistics of the millions of LinkedIn users and the hundreds of millions of tweets sent per day, but the overall message is clear – social media is used ALL THE TIME. However, understanding the actual va ...

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WHITEPAPER: From a Whisper to a Scream: Marketing 2.0

Sandy Carter, , ,

This white paper by Sandy Carter shares lessons learned by IBM on social media marketing and covers an IBM approach to adding social media into its marketing mix. It explains and emphasises that the philosophy on social media is that the best use is to mi ...

PRESENTATION: "Socially" Empower your Channel Partners

Olivier Choron, ,

With social media now strongly implanted in B2B environments across the globe, vendors and marketers need to re-assess their existing (or lack of) social media strategy. Using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to reach out to new and existing partners may ...

PRESENTATION: Social Media - A Reality Check

Claire Macland, ,

Executive Summary New communication technologies are changing the way vendors can interact with resellers and as a result have created new methods for engaging partners such as blogs, wikis, videos, virtual worlds and social networking, such as Twitter ...

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PRESENTATION: How Do You Use Social Media to Market to Your Channel?

Sandy Carter, ,

Social media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and the like – certainly have dramatically affected the way significant portions of the population interact with each other – and how they interact with companies like yours! There are lots of “gurus” talking ...

WHITEPAPER: Social on Demand - Solutions Overview

Olivier Choron, ,

What if your partners could publish your content directly to their customers via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter... all in real-time and with targeted posts? Now they can! With socialondemand™ - a revolutionary patent-pending* web-based solution from purec ...

WHITEPAPER: Forget about a Social Media Strategy – You need a Content Delivery Strategy

Oliver Choron, ,

At every meeting we have recently attended, our customers and prospective clients have been talking about their social media strategy. How to get one… how to improve it… how to manage it… What isn’t being talked about anywhere near as much is the content ...