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Ross is an experienced executive focused on scaling out technology companies through innovative and effective sales and marketing approaches.

Ross is a founder and Sr. Principal at The Spur Group, a revenue-side consulting firm with Partner InSite, a unique informatics service that provides deep proprietary data on the partner channel to help target and work with the best partners for your business. The Spur Group provides consulting and project support for sales and marketing leaders in technology firms.

Formerly the VP of WW Partner Strategy at Microsoft, Ross led the transition from a transaction focused channel to a balanced model that rewarded and grew solution partners as well as transactional partners.  Previous roles were as CEO and Director for a privately held security software firm. Ross also served as head of global channels and sales operations function for a $1b technology company with offices worldwide. Experienced with the development of licensing programs, channel programs and sales force effectiveness.

A model for alliances that drive results

In the enterprise IT market, the core reality is that no vendor is a standalone vendor; customers look for systems that integrate the components of the solution as a known, effective architecture. As a result, most enterprise infrastructure and application vendors form alliances to go to market more effectively. However, most of these alliances result in little more than press releases, some hypothetical demo systems in a vendor Executive Briefing Center and frustrated alliance managers who...
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What movies can teach you about channel incentives

Sit back, grab a handful of buttery popcorn and please silence your cell phones. The featured film is about to begin. Now showing “When Good Incentives Go Bad”, a feature film illuminating three key pitfalls of channel incentives that you can learn from Titanic II,Burn Notice, and Godzilla. But first, context on the film. The point of a channel incentive is to push partners toward a behavior they wouldn’t otherwise engage in. Incentives can be wildly successful in...
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Sand, Rocks, and Boulders

Is your focus on the enterprise hindering your revenue growth? A 1 ton boulder weighs as much as one ton of sand, and both weigh the same as a ton of rocks. Revenue is similar – $1 million from small accounts, transacted efficiently, can be a better business than a $1m deal in an enterprise and similarly 10 $100k sized deals may be the best business for a technology company. Technology companies have an almost...
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The 6 roles of a Channel Chief

  In our industry, there are few roles as opaque as the channel chief role.  It’s fairly simple to define what the role of the VP of Sales is, or the role of the chief marketing officer or chief financial officer.  But what is the role of the channel chief, and what makes the difference between a good one and a great one?  What makes one an integral part of the company leadership team and...
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