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WEBINAR: Building a Distribution Structure for Latin America

Javier Cuellar, ,

Latin America has a diverse market of over 20 countries, some very large and many very small. When trying to move into these markets, having the right distribution structure is key to success. You must consider a number of things including whether to choo ...

WEBINAR: Gaining a Latin American Voice in HQ! How Do You Sell the Value of Latin America to the Powers that be?

Wilson Grava, ,

Gartner estimates that the global IT spending market will hold up nicely in 2013, representing about $3.7 trillion. This includes $1 trillion in the USA, nearly $1 trillion in Europe, and developing economies of the Asia Pacific region will make up about ...

WEBINAR: How to Build a Distribution Strategy to Leverage the Independent Distributors in Latin America

Obed Garcia, ,

With a diverse market of 40+ countries, some very large and many very small, having the right distribution structure in Latin American is key to success in the region. Including key considerations like choosing large regional distributors versus small cou ...

WHITEPAPER: Providing Credit in Latin America

Franco Zayas, ,

Executive Summary Credit is sometimes viewed as an afterthought by marketing and sales teams. This is a grave mistake. In this whitepaper, GE's Franco Zayas: explores credit's vital role in the sales cycle explains why it needs to be understoo ...