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About the Event

When: April 15, 2021
Time: 8:00am - 4:00pm PT

The Channel Focus Women’s Leadership Council announce their first Virtual event which will Take place on April 15th
Following a phenomenal meeting at Channel Focus Virtual 2020 the Women’s leadership council is moving forward rapidly. A very powerful Group of Women are coming together to build on the work of the last 8 years and to help more women achieve the most senior roles in the IT/telecom industries.

Sadly, due to the COVID crisis, it was not possible to run a physical event in 2020, but the Council believes that the additional pressures created by the pandemic make it even more important than a meeting albeit virtual actually does take place.

As Chair of the Council, Theresa Caragol said ‘2020 was a landmark year for the Women’s Leadership Council not only because it broke all previous attendance records, but because the level of engagement was outstanding, and we really tackled some of the tough issues facing professional women today. The Women’s Leadership Council Advisory Board has a diverse, powerful set of women from across the tech community who are planning this event with great care and understanding of people’s personal, professional, and current economic and world environment. We realize well and are living through the additional pressures created by this crisis. It makes us even more committed and determined to deliver an event that addresses head-on the personal, life, work, and career challenges Women working in the Channel are facing today.’

Participate in a very different Virtual Format
No more recorded sessions, no more talk, and chalk! We Are determined to bring you a live truly interactive experience where you can join in and ask questions. In small breakout sessions, you will interact with your peers. In addition, we have small group mentoring sessions available where you have an opportunity to be mentored by some of the most powerful leaders in the Channel today.

Tackle the issues we all face today
The world, our working environments, and our family pressures have changed dramatically this year. Our advisory board recognizes this, has developed an agenda, and recruited some amazing women who offer real experience and expertise on how to deal with this new reality. The Women’s Leadership Council meeting designed to help Women running working in the channel achieve their goals in life. The openness and honesty of the sessions are truly inspirational. It’s simply a group of very powerful Channel Leaders determined to provide help, guidance, support, and inspiration to help you achieve your lifework and life goals.
Share your hopes, challenges, and aspirations with peers and our mentors
At the event, you will have the opportunity in a small group format to ask your questions and seek advice from our mentors. At the physical event, these mentoring sessions have proven to be powerful and valuable to the attendees. we \are close as possible to replicating a WLC in a virtual environment!

Best of all attendance is free!

Yes, registration is free! So don’t delay click on the registration button below.

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