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Channel Focus North America 2017 - The 20th Anniversary
Hotel del Coronado - May 3 and 4 2017

The Five Golden Rules Workshops - The 5 Things That Will Make You More Effective

  1. Building a channel program to respond to partners selling both on-premise and Cloud offerings.
  2. Partner Sales and Marketing enablement.
  3. Channel-neutral compensation - who should get paid for what and why?
  4. Recruiting and engaging with Born in the Cloud partners.
  5. Justifying the channel - a deep dive into channel metrics and ROI.
  6. Building an IoT channel.

The Discussion Workshops - A Real Opportunity to Debate These Issues

  1. Cloud 2.0 what is the vendor's role in helping partners transition to the new model?
  2. In a World of Azure and Amazon - what is the future role of an MSP?
  3. Land and expand - how do you help your partners develop the right customer relationships?
  4. What are the skill sets required by a Channel Account Manager to respond to today's changing channel needs?
  5. The revolution in partner compensation and billing models- how much, what for and when should you reward your partners?
  6. The future of distribution in a changing world.