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About Us

Mindmatrix is more than a partner relationship management (PRM) or channel marketing (TCMA) platform. It's a Partner Ecosystem Orchestration Platform that draws on over 25 years of experience in direct and channel sales, partner marketing, and channel operations to ensure that your partners have the resources to drive demand on your behalf. This SaaS platform enables your internal partnership teams, external partners, influencers, alliances, and other relevant stakeholders to work together and communicate effectively throughout the partner sales journey, from lead generation and deal registration to qualification, nurturing, and closing co-sell, referral, and partner-led deals. Mindmatrix is more than just a platform; it's a partner in your success. It empowers you to collaborate and grow with your entire partner and sales ecosystem. Discover the potential of Mindmatrix today.


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Mindmatrix Platform Overview https://youtu.be/-KiTa4acL_M


Author Name Job Title Company Name Testimonial
Irina Barber Senior Director of Integrated Marketing & Demand Generation Acumatica Acumatica is a 100% channel-driven company, and it’s crucial forus to enable our partners to effectively market Acumatica and setthem up for success. Mindmatrix has become a key element of ourpartner marketing enablement. The platform’s robust contentdistribution, marketing capabilities, ease of use, and flexibilityallowed us to achieve a phenomenal 99% adoption rate within thefirst five months after launch. With Mindmatrix’s advanced reportingcapabilities, our team has easy access to usage and performancemetrics and know firsthand what a great impact the platform ishaving on our business. MindMatrix’s team has become anextension of my team, providing support, recommendation andhelp with execution when we need it. They have a strongcommunity of customers, and are always willing to connect me withother customers to ask questions and exchange ideas.

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